Minnesota Varsity Entry Form

So, you want to enter in the 2015 Minnesota Varsity. We are excited to hear your entry and share in your passion for this great music.

There are a couple of housekeeping things we have to say first. Namely, you need to read a couple of things. We do our best to make this as seamless and easy as possible for you, so we have compiled a couple of pages of helpful information.

1. Rules

As rules tend to be, this page is probably the most boring. However, it is the most important. If you have any questions about policy, or pretty much anything else MN Varsity related, the answer will be here. You really, really should read this entire document. We know that you don't want to, we're human too, but seriously, please read the rules. Please?

2. FAQ

In case you were wondering, FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions. We have compiled a list of the questions which people keep asking, and we keep answering. You can usually save yourself some time by looking here first. We doubt that even our super awesome people answering emails will be able to answer your question faster than this page.

3. Tips for entering

This is hopefully the most exciting page. There are a couple of entry pitfalls that have happened in the past, and we want to help you avoid in the future. Our technical people have done their best to make the submission process trouble-free, but these tips can help you on your end. Think of it as someone who has submitted dozens of times walking you through the process.

4. And finally, enter!

Of course, by this point you have read all of the documentation above, and are ready to enter! Below are the two buttons to the forms for instrumental/vocal entries and compositional entries, respectively. Good luck, and we look forward to hearing you!

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  • Slalom 10:06 Carter Pann
    Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra
    Paavo Jarvi
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