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A Prairie Home Companion's Joke Show is Saturday, and they need your jokes!

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Virgin Galactic says space tourism rocket lost

Virgin Galactic reported that its SpaceShipTwo space tourism rocket has been lost in Southern California. The California Highway Patrol says there is one fatality and one major injury.

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The Current

Friday Five: New music videos from L’Assassins, Graveyard Club, and more

<p>Happy Halloween! What better way to kick off the Friday Five that with a full-blown murder mystery movie from garage rock quartet L&#8217;Assassins. Also on deck is a brand-new video from Atmosphere, a North Shore session from Haley Bonar, and more&#8230; L&#8217;Assassins Kill! Kill! Kill! Who needs a run-of-the-mill music video when you can make a whole [&hellip;]</p>

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Classical MPR

Minnesota Varsity: Where are They Now? - Austin Kraft

Composer Austin Kraft of Savage was a Minnesota Varsity 2013 Showcase Composer and 2014 Featured Composer. He recently contacted Classical MPR's Christine Sweet to share his experiences of the past year.

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