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A Prairie Home Companion's Joke Show is Saturday, and they need your jokes!

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PoliGraph: MNsure rate hike rhetoric flies; claims inconclusive

MPR News ran more than 50 scenarios to test the Dayton administration's 4.5 percent claim about MNsure rate increases.

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The Current

Heiruspecs announce Holiday Classic show with Carnage and the Last Band Standin’ Carnage Heiruspecs

<p>Hip-hop heroes Heiruspecs will be co-headlining with Carnage and the Last Band Standin’ on Dec. 19 at the Turf Club, as a part of their Holiday Classic Series. An unknown special guest will open the show, and will be announced on Nov. 11. Advance tickets are available on the Turf Club website. In April of [&hellip;]</p>

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Classical MPR

Moveable Feast: Scary Food

This week on Moveable Feast, John Birge and Minnesota Monthly's Rachel Hutton discuss fear and the foods we eat.

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