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Minnesota Public Radio (membership, funding, HD radio, mobile applications)

What is a Sustaining Membership?
Sustaining Memberships help support Minnesota Public Radio with your contributions. They are designed to renew automatically, at the same time every year. You simply use a credit card or checking account to set up a contribution schedule that works for you. These regular contributions continue until you either want to change the amount or stop the payments.

Sustaining Memberships save on paper and postage, since we don’t need to send letters to remind you about your renewal date. As a result, more of your member dollars go to programming.

Sustaining Memberships also allow you to spread your contribution out over the course of the year. You can learn more about the Sustainer program by visiting membership/

How much of MPR's funding comes from the government?
About 9 percent of our total funding comes from government sources, mostly in the form of program grants from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Members provide the most important source of program support.

What is HD radio?
HD Radio is a new digital technology that adds unprecedented clarity to AM and FM broadcasts. An HD signal can also be split so that more than one broadcast can be offered on a single frequency. In the Twin Cities, in addition to our three main services in HD, MPR offers Local Current on 89.3 HD2, Classical 24 on 99.5 HD2, Radio Heartland on 91.1 HD2, BBC News on 91.1 HD3.

In Mankato, Classical MPR on 90.5 HD2. In Rochester, Classical MPR on 91.7 HD2. In St. Cloud/Collegeville, The Current on 88.9 HD2. In Warroad, Classical MPR on 103.5 HD2.

How can I access HD Radio?
You will need a special receiver in order to access HD programming. Any electronics retailer will have several HD radios to offer. At the moment, MPR offers additional HD channels only in the listening areas listed above, though we have plans to expand our HD offerings across our regional network in the future.

Can I listen to MPR audio on my iPhone?
Yes. You can hear MPR News, Classical MPR, The Current, or Radio Heartland on any iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, using the MPR Radio App. You can download it for free from the iTunes App store. More information is found here.


Can I listen to MPR audio on my Android phone?

Yes. You can hear MPR News, Classical MPR, The Current, or Radio Heartland on any Android phone or tablet, using the MPR Radio App for Android. You can download it for free from Google Play. More information is found here.

Can I access other MPR content on my mobile phone?
Yes. MPR offers a text-only, phone friendly site where you can scan the headlines and read the top stories in News, Politics, Business, Arts and Culture, Science and Life. You can even keep up with the News Cut blog. Simply go to in your mobile phone's browser.

A Prairie Home Companion/Writer's Almanac

How do I get tickets for A Prairie Home Companion live broadcasts?
Ticketing information can be found on A Prairie Home Companion's Web site — — or by calling the Fitzgerald Theater Box Office at 651-290-1200.

Is it possible to purchase tapes or transcripts of A Prairie Home Companion broadcasts?
Tapes and transcripts of the show are not available. However, you can listen to past shows by visiting the show's Web site, The program archive goes back several years. The Pretty Good Goods catalog ( or 1-800-998-8173) offers collections of some of Garrison's best-loved monologues as well as highlights of past programs.

MPR News The Daily Circuit

How can I submit a question or comment to The Daily Circuit call-in show?
You can call in a question or comment to The Daily Circuit by calling 651-227-6000 or 800-242-2828. You can also join the conversation on Facebook by visiting The Daily Circuit online or tweet with #DailyCircuit.

Is it possible to hear The Daily Circuit program again?
The Daily Circuit program is archived on its website and available in streaming audio. Recent episodes of The Daily Circuit may be downloaded as a Podcast.

The Current / Classical Minnesota Public Radio

How can I learn more about a piece of music I heard on The Current or Classical MPR?
We carry a complete playlist on Classical Minnesota Public Radio's website and The Current's website. You can look at what's currently playing or browse past playlists by date.

How do I submit music to be played on The Current or Classical MPR?

Bands interested in getting their music heard on The Current or Classical MPR should send us your recordings (no e-mails, please), clearly labeled with your group name and contact information:

The Current c/o David Safar
Classical Minnesota Public Radio c/o Rex Levang

480 Cedar Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55101

We are unable to return any media (CD, Cassette, LPs)

How can my band get on The Current's The Local Show

Minnesota bands should send their recordings and contact information (no e-mails, please):

The Current c/o David Safar
480 Cedar Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55101

What is Radio Heartland?
Radio Heartland is an eclectic mix of folk, blues, bluegrass and R&B, and it can be heard 24 hours a day. You can listen in the Twin Cities with an HD radio (KNOW 91.1 HD2) and you can listen anywhere online, at

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