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Education Videos

The Percussion Family

Class Notes: The Percussion Family

In the Class Notes video "Choosing the Right Instrument for You: The Percussion Family," the eccentric, outdated computer named TOMMIS provides an overview of pitched and unpitched percussion instruments.

The Strings Family

Class Notes: The Strings Family

In the Class Notes video "Choosing the Right Instrument for You: The Strings Family," we are introduced to an eccentric, outdated computer named Tommis, who provides an overview of the violin, viola, cello, double bass, and the harp.

Class Notes: Dvorak in the New World

Class Notes: Dvořák in the New World

In our latest Class Notes video, we follow the travels of Antonin Dvorak from Europe to New York City and the American Midwest, arriving at last at Minnehaha Falls.


Class Notes: Rests: Sometimes Music is Silence

Ulysses the unicyclist helps us examine the idea of rests in the Class Notes video "Rests: Sometimes Music is Silence."

Fast or Slow Means Tempo

Class Notes: Fast or Slow Means Tempo

The Class Notes video "Fast or Slow Means Tempo" explores the concept of tempo, what it means, how it's used, and why it's such an integral element of a score -- with some help from two bearded lumberjacks.

What Music Shares with Art

Class Notes: What Music Shares with Art

This Class Notes video is a short, vibrant tour of several of the connections between art and music.

What's in a Score?

Class Notes: A Look Inside the Score

In this Class Notes video, we get an overview of what's in a score: clefs, notes, signatures, instrumentation, and other elements that musicians refer to when they perform.

What to Do at a Concert

Class Notes: What to Do at a Concert

The Class Notes video What To Do at a Concert is designed to help teachers clarify some of the expectations for classical audiences. It uses humor to get at the heart of why classical music calls for a more expansive share of our attention than other kids of performance do, and why it's worth doing so.

What Does a Conductor Do?

Class Notes: What Does a Conductor Do?

This Class Notes video answers the question "What Does a Conductor Do?" The vibrant American conductor Sarah Hicks interacts directly with the young students in the video to spark their interest in the conductor's art and give them a taste of the great music it expresses.

Whats in a Title

Class Notes: What's in a Title?

The Class Notes video What's in a Title? offers teachers a fun way to dispel some of the confusion classical titles can cause.


Class Notes: Freeing Music Improvisation

This Class Notes video, Freeing Music: Improvisation, is designed to help teachers introduce students the kind of improvisation and ornamentation typical of Baroque music.

Tesfa wondemagegnehu how to sing video

Class Notes: How to Sing Well

Singing is a natural act, and using a few basic practices from this new video from Classical MPR, we can establish the foundation for a lifetime of the joy and richness it brings ourselves and others.

Lyz Jaakola

Teaching appreciation and understanding for Native American music and culture with Lyz Jaakola

As a composer, singer, instrumentalist, and leader, Lyz Jaakola is an extraordinary ambassador for Ojibwe-Anishinaabe music and culture. In this video, Jaakola takes us through various kinds of Ojibwe musical expression, and offering historical and traditional insights along the way.

still from class notes video notes and beats

Class Notes: How Notes and Beats Go Together

Teaching and learning about the duration of musical notes can be challenging. This new video from Classical MPR makes that process 'upbeat' and fun without oversimplifying the basic concepts behind note duration and rhythm.

zoltan kodaly

Class Notes: How History Influences Music

Did you know music often reflects the time and place in which it was written? For example, Zoltan Kodaly's 'Dances of Galanta' gives us a look at a society and culture that was forever altered by the march of history. A new Class Notes video from Classical MPR shares the history behind the music.

Measuring cups

Class Notes: A Recipe for Emotion in Music

What tools do composers use to evoke emotions in music? This video will help teachers and students learn different techniques to help make music come alive.

School Spotlight

Alexandria Concert Choir

School Spotlight: Alexandria Concert Choir

School Spotlight features outstanding Minnesota student and school music ensembles. This week's spotlight is on the Alexandria Concert Choir from the Alexandria Area High School.

Teacher Feature

Looking at the lives and work of music teachers across Minnesota.

Amy Giddings

Teacher Feature: Amy Giddings

Classical MPR's Teacher Feature highlights the lives and work of music teachers throughout Minnesota. This week, we meet Amy Giddings, K-6 Music Specialist at North Shore Community School in Duluth, Minn.

Tim Buzza

Music Teacher Feature: Tim Buzza

Classical MPR's Teacher Feature highlights the lives and work of music teachers throughout Minnesota. This week, we spotlight Tim Buzza of Patrick Henry High School in Minneapolis.


Lyz Jaakola

Meet Class Notes Artist: Lyz Jaakola

Lyz Jaakola is visiting schools across the Twin Cities as a 2014-15 Class Notes Artist.

Minnesota Percussion Trio

Meet Class Notes Artist: Minnesota Percussion Trio

The Minnesota Percussion Trio is visiting schools across the Twin Cities as a 2014-15 Class Notes Artist.

Carol with Classical

Carol with Classical MPR

On Friday, Dec. 19, at 3 p.m., join us for Carol with Classical MPR, a new special featuring beloved carols. It culminates with a special live broadcast at 4 p.m., featuring The Singers vocal ensemble.

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School Spotlight submission form

Across the state of Minnesota, there is a wealth of strong music ensembles in our schools, colleges, and communities. Classical Minnesota Public Radio wants to share these ensembles with our listeners on our new School Spotlight.

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This November, breathe fresh life into once-loved instruments by donating them to Play It Forward, the statewide used-instrument drive created by Classical Minnesota Public Radio and the Minnesota Music Educators Association (MMEA).

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