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Thank you for being a member of Minnesota Public Radio!

As a member, your benefits include:

  1. Access to Minnesota Public Radio:
    1. Tours, hosts, events, and information about the organization
    2. Important breaking news about events and happenings
    3. Small group lectures led by the leaders of our time
    4. Premium seats at MPR–related events
  2. Community recognition - Experience the pride of belonging to one of the nation's most highly respected and widely known public radio systems
  3. Member discounts - Reduce your day-to-day expenses with member-only discounts. MPR member's purchasing power means big savings! Your membership entitles you to discounts at restaurants, theaters, record stores, B&B's and more.
  4. Critical news and information - Members use a variety of ways to stay connected to MPR including publications, e-newsletters, exclusive website content, and e-mail alerts among others.
  5. Powerful advocacy - MPR has the grassroots strength of over 133,000 members and 800,000 thousand listeners to defend public radio funding. Plus members are kept informed with prompt regulatory and legislative alerts.

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