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Reality check for young farmers: It's an expensive and complicated 'habit'

Some of the steepest learning curves come when young farmers learn they also need to become competent bookkeepers and marketers.
The Pioneer Press building in downtown St. Paul

Pioneer Press owner Digital First Media considers selling papers

Digital First Media properties include scores of newspapers across the country, including the San Jose Mercury News and the Denver Post.

Lunch with crime novelist James Ellroy in the name of 'Perfidia'

Ellroy could be a character in one of his own books. He's a thoroughly uncensored guy, a bit of a Luddite, and unafraid to talk on any subject at all.

Obama's hawkish plans put doves in a quandary

"If George Bush made the speech that Barack Obama made the other night, you would see thousands of people out on the street,"says a Code Pink co-founder.

Tuition freezes and even cuts gain momentum in higher ed

After several years of skyrocketing college tuition, students and their families are finally starting to see some relief.
Zebra mussel, native snail

Zebra mussels found in Cass Lake; first for Bemidji area

DNR officials say Cass Lake and many of the lakes near it are now considered zebra mussel infested after the species were recently discovered.

Kids' poisonings linked to anti-addiction medicine

For every 100,000 patients prescribed buprenorphine, 200 young children were hospitalized for taking it, the study found.
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