Tim Scannell

Cook County attorney guilty of criminal sexual conduct

The verdict came after the young woman at the center of the case testified that Tim Scannell touched her inappropriately and tried to convince her to have sex with him when she was 17. Scannell was a "mentor" and "father figure," the woman, now 19, told jurors
Special News Feature

Betrayed by Silence:
The radio documentary

How three archbishops hid the truth about priest sexual abuse.

Advocates want Met Council to create suburban affordable housing

The Metropolitan Council is under fire for not using its authority to press wealthy, white suburbs in the Twin Cities to do their part to create affordable housing.
Prince on the Arsenio Hall show

Remembering the artist formerly known as 'Purple Pain' 30 years later

Today's Morning Edition music is from Prince, with "Baby I'm a Star" from the film "Purple Rain," which opened in theaters 30 years ago today. It was filmed in and around Minneapolis, with many scenes at the First Avenue nightclub -- where some of the bartenders called Prince "Purple Pain."
US Congressman Rick Nolan

Big money flows in to aid DFL Rep. Nolan as 8th District race tightens

The 8th District race between Rep. Rick Nolan and Stewart Mills is tightening, and that's drawing some big ad spending. The nearly $700,000 spent so far has pushed the campaign into the top tier of competitive House races this year.

U of M Duluth gets Antarctica research grant

The university says the research will provide a new perspective on major ice caps and their surrounding geology.

ND saltwater pipeline leak may have reached creek

The Department of Health says "a small amount" may have entered an oxbow of Timber Creek approximately five miles northwest of Arnegard.
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