Special News Feature

Betrayed by Silence:
The radio documentary

How three archbishops hid the truth about priest sexual abuse.

New law will restore a financial lifeline to Somalia

For years, many Somali-American money transfer businesses in the Twin Cities have had a hard time staying in business.
Criminal charges announcement

Charges: Brian Fitch admitted killing Officer Patrick, hating cops

That revelation came as part of the first-degree murder charges handed down Friday by the Dakota County Attorney's Office against Fitch, the suspect in Wednesday's killing of Mendota Heights Police Officer Scott Patrick.
Hoda Badawi is an American of Egyptian descent.

New exhibit shares the diverse stories of Muslims in Minnesota

A new exhibit at the Walker Art Center traces the history of Minnesota's Muslim community from 1880 until the present.
Matt Entenza

PoliGraph: Entenza's digs against Otto mislead

Coming to a mailbox near you: claims about DFL State Auditor Rebecca Otto's record on voter ID.

MPCA says permit process meets state guidelines for quick processing

Instead of a 150-day goal, the MPCA now faces a 90-day goal for about 70 percent of business applications for air, land and water permits.
Newborn blood sample

State to resume indefinite storage of newborn health data

The statute allows parents who object to the change to opt out of long-term storage of their child's screening data.
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