Special News Feature

Unchecked irrigation threatens groundwater

A special report, "Beneath the Surface," shines a light on the pressures on Minnesota's groundwater.

Green Line corridor boosters see economic development progress

A coalition of foundations that rallied around the Green Line light rail project is releasing a report Wednesday showing progress on its goals of helping small businesses and maintaining affordable housing in the corridor.
Byron Smith

Judge denies mistrial in fatal shooting of 2 Little Falls teens

Attorneys for 65-year-old Byron Smith had asked for a mistrial Wednesday after about an hour of cross-examining a forensic scientist from the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.

Neil Young embraces ancient technology

Today's Morning Edition music is a recording of Neil Young doing Bob Dylan's "Girl From the North Country." It has a distinct low fidelity sound by design. It's from Young's new album "A Letter Home" which was recorded in a refurbished 1947 Voice-o-Graph direct to vinyl recording booth.

Wisconsin secessionists are traitors, prof says

No state has the right to secede from the Union without the permission of Congress, but Wisconsin Republicans pushing the secession talk argue that the 10th Amendment conveys such a right. A professor of governmental affairs calls those behind the petition traitors.

UMD opening center to train next generation of miners

There is a growing need for skilled mining workers in Minnesota, and the University of Minnesota Duluth is developing a center to train a new generation of workers.
Green Line train

Metro Transit touts Green Line's energy efficiency on Earth Day

The new trains were built with lighter, high-strength steel to make them more efficient than older trains, officials say.

FDA rejects approval of painkiller Moxduo

QRxPharma, the company that developed Moxduo, had argued that the drug would provide fast relief for millions of patients suffering from moderate to severe pain, including accident victims and people undergoing major surgery. But FDA reviewers raised questions about the drug.
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