Job worries linger, but the economy is looking good

We're in a sweet spot -- growing at a decent rate with good reason for optimism.
Officer shooting

Officer shot, killed in West St. Paul incident

Mendota Heights police officer Scott Patrick was shot and killed Wednesday during a traffic stop two blocks into West St. Paul.
Circus Juventas

Circus Juventas: 'We're staying in St. Paul'

Circus Juventas is now moving on to the next option, which includes a smaller renovation of the main building, and then possibly in five to 10 years establishing a second site in the Twin Cities for classes and performances.
Speaker Boehner

GOP-led House votes to sue President Obama

The vote to sue Obama was 225 to 201. Five Republicans voted with the Democrats in opposing the lawsuit. No Democrats voted for it.

Q&A: Michelle Rhee on teacher tenure challenges

In Vergara v. California, lawyers for the plaintiffs argued that the state's teacher tenure system hurts poor, minority students because they are more likely to end up with "grossly ineffective" teachers.

DNR shuts down SE Minn. sand mine, requires new permit

Houston County gave the Erickson Mine permission to start mining silica sand, but a 2013 law requires a DNR permit for mines if they are located near trout streams within an area known as the Paleozoic Plateau.

Problem drinking in midlife linked to memory trouble later

In a study of 6,500 people published this week, adults with a midlife history of drinking problems were more than twice as likely as those without alcohol problems to suffer severe memory impairment decades later.
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