Special News Feature

Betrayed by Silence:
The radio documentary

How three archbishops hid the truth about priest sexual abuse.

A job seeker fills out an application

US employers add 209K jobs, rate rises to 6.2 pct.

Average job gains over the past six months reached 244,000 in July, the best such average in eight years.
SWAT teams pack up

Chaotic scene, then massive manhunt follows officer's slaying

An hours-long manhunt, followed by a gun battle, ended last night with the capture of 39-year-old Brian Fitch, Sr.

The song McCartney wants remembered

Today's Morning Edition music is from Paul McCartney and a recording from a live performance of his during a U.S. tour in 1976.
Rep. Eric Cantor

Cantor tells newspaper he'll resign in August

Cantor had previously said he would serve his full term, which would have ended in January.
U of M graduate school grads

Forbes calls U of M a 'rising star'

The magazine ranked the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, 543rd in 2009 and now ranks it 108th, largely because of its production of high-quality graduates who become leaders.

DNR shuts down SE Minn. sand mine, requires new permit

Houston County gave the Erickson Mine permission to start mining silica sand, but a 2013 law requires a DNR permit for mines if they are located near trout streams within an area known as the Paleozoic Plateau.
Newborn blood sample

Baby blood samples to be kept with opt-out option available

The Minnesota Department of Health can store newborn blood samples and test results indefinitely under a new law that goes into effect today.
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