Special News Feature

Unchecked irrigation threatens groundwater

A special report, "Beneath the Surface," shines a light on the pressures on Minnesota's groundwater.

Mix-up over tunnel plan brings more delay to SW light rail

Because of an inconsistency with the tunnel drawings, the Met Council will push back a joint open house and public hearing with the Hennepin County Regional Railroad Authority by two weeks, to May 29.
The Replacements

The Replacements to play Midway Stadium

After spending almost a full calendar year of festivals in other cities (and countries!), the Replacements have just announced a much-anticipated hometown date at Midway Stadium on Saturday, September 13. Here's everything you need to know to be able to talk about the band's historic homecoming gig.

E-cigarette legislation delayed again

Four Senate panels have already approved the bill, but it was sidetracked to the Rules Committee last month before a floor vote could take place. Now it's been sent to another committee.
English language learners

Lawmakers, schools aim to help English-language learners

A bill moving through the Legislature is part of an effort to lift English language learner students' academic performance.
Green Line train

Metro Transit touts Green Line's energy efficiency on Earth Day

The new trains were built with lighter, high-strength steel to make them more efficient than older trains, officials say.

FDA moves to regulate e-cigarettes

"It's a huge change," FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg told reporters in a briefing Wednesday, before the official announcement of the agency's plans. "We will have the authority as a science-based regulatory agency to take critical actions to promote and protect the health of the public."
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