Special News Feature

Betrayed by Silence:
The radio documentary

How three archbishops hid the truth about priest sexual abuse.

Despite good news, benefit programs face problems

Medicare is adding 10,000 new beneficiaries a day as baby boomers reach age 65.
Booking photo of Al Flowers

Al Flowers arrested after altercation with Minneapolis police officers

A longtime critic of the Minneapolis Police Department says officers came to his house to arrest a family member and ended up beating him up.

Takei, from 'Star Trek' to LGBT spokesman

"I desperately and passionately wanted a career as an actor, so I chose to be in the closet," says actor George Takei, the subject of a new documentary.

US court: Va. gay marriage ban unconstitutional

It was not immediately clear if or when the state would need to begin issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

U of M Duluth gets Antarctica research grant

The university says the research will provide a new perspective on major ice caps and their surrounding geology.
Crude oil pipeline exposed by erosion.

Erosion exposes Enbridge oil pipelines near river in NW Minn.

Flooding has uncovered three of seven Enbridge Corporation pipelines that cross the river, pipes that largely carry crude oil from Canada across Minnesota. Although the pipelines generally are buried three to four feet below ground, in some places erosion has exposed them to the elements.

Lawmakers announce $17 billion deal intended to fix VA system

The agreement would provide $10 billion to allow veterans to be treated outside the Veterans Affairs system, if they've had trouble getting appointments within it.
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