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The Minnesota State Fair

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Worlds Fair

Minnesota World's Fair? Backers press for dollars, help

Backers of the bid say a World's Fair would put Minnesota on a global stage and bring in millions of tourists and their money.
Sheltering the shooting victim

St. Paul officer shoots suspect on West Side

St. Paul Police Chief Tom Smith said officers responded to frantic 911 calls about a man acting violently.

Lifetime promises to bring out the 'strong black woman' in white women

Lifetime's new show Girlfriend Intervention is not subtle about its message. Its premise is four black women giving a makeover to a white woman on the theory that, as they put it, "Trapped inside of every white girl is a strong black woman ready to bust out."

China warns U.S. over surveillance flights

Beijing has rejected U.S. claims that one of its fighter jets acted recklessly in intercepting a U.S. Navy maritime patrol plane in the South China Sea last week.

Lizards and worms don't belong on the school lunch menu

India's free school lunch program is the largest in the world. It is also a program that has made headlines for its missteps, one of which was tragic.

DNR to address declining walleye population in New Brighton tonight

At a meeting tonight, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources officials plan to offer explanation of what they believe is happening with walleye reproduction on the Lake Mille Lacs.
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