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Ministry shipping socks to the Bakken oil patch

There's plenty of oil, and a booking economy in North Dakota's oil fields -- but evidently a sock shortage as winter approaches.
The Pioneer Press building in downtown St. Paul

Pioneer Press owner Digital First Media considers selling papers

Digital First Media properties include scores of newspapers across the country, including the San Jose Mercury News and the Denver Post.
The Replacements at Midway Stadium

The Replacements stage a crowd-pleasing Midway Stadium homecoming

Their performance spanned nearly every song they've pulled out for their reunion gigs so far and a few that haven't.

Changing tack, GOP candidates support better access to birth control

What gives? Republicans are in a deep hole with women voters, and polls show all voters are less likely to support candidates who restrict women's reproductive rights.

Tuition freezes and even cuts gain momentum in higher ed

After several years of skyrocketing college tuition, students and their families are finally starting to see some relief.
Zebra mussel, native snail

Zebra mussels found in Cass Lake; first for Bemidji area

DNR officials say Cass Lake and many of the lakes near it are now considered zebra mussel infested after the species were recently discovered.
Landon Flannery, 2, at Mpls. Children's Hospital

Q&A: With supplies of respiratory drug low, hospitals look for alternatives

Children's hospitals in the Twin Cities are running low on albuterol, a drug that helps ease labored breathing. Hospital officials are seeking more of the drug and expanding their capacity.
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