Special News Feature

Betrayed by Silence:
The radio documentary

How three archbishops hid the truth about priest sexual abuse.

FAA proposes to fines Southwest Airlines $12M

An FAA investigation determined that Southwest's contractor failed to follow proper procedures for replacing the fuselage as well as other work on the planes.
Booking photo of Al Flowers

Al Flowers arrested after altercation with Minneapolis police officers

A longtime critic of the Minneapolis Police Department says officers came to his house to arrest a family member and ended up beating him up.

Then and now: Scenes from 'Purple Rain'

The Current teamed up with photographer Steven Cohen to revisit some of the famous landmarks seen in the film.
The Trianel power plant

Not in my backyard: US sending dirty coal abroad

With the country moving to cleaner natural gas, the Obama administration wants to reduce power plant pollution to make good on its promise to the world to cut emissions.

U of M Duluth gets Antarctica research grant

The university says the research will provide a new perspective on major ice caps and their surrounding geology.
An algae bloom on Lake of the Woods

In Lake of the Woods, growing algae blooms puzzle scientists

Scientists don't yet know exactly how much blooms have expanded, but early findings suggest the algae is getting thicker, likely due to a combination of climate change and decades-old pollution.
Barack Obama

Fist bumps less germy than handshakes, study says

Researchers realized that while a lot of research focused on hands getting germy from touching doorknobs and other surfaces, only a few studies had looked at handshakes.
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