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The Minnesota State Fair

Your guide to everything Fair.

Southwest light rail proposal wins Minneapolis City Council approval

Five months ago, the city appeared to be on a collision course with the Metropolitan Council over the project.
Gopher snake

At six feet, it's the longest snake in the state

At the State Fair's DNR building, you'll find an exhibit featuring snakes that live in Minnesota. Producer Jim Bickal stopped by the exhibit and chatted with Beth Girard, a volunteer with the Minnesota Herpetological Society.
Kenilworth corridor

As Southwest light rail vote nears, documents reveal perilous negotiations

The high stakes negotiations were a make-or-break moment for the proposed line connecting Minneapolis to Eden Prairie.

Lizards and worms don't belong on the school lunch menu

India's free school lunch program is the largest in the world. It is also a program that has made headlines for its missteps, one of which was tragic.

Volcanoes in Iceland, Papua New Guinea keep residents on edge

Two volcanoes half a world apart are causing havoc today: Several flights have been diverted around an eruption in Papua New Guinea, and authorities in Iceland briefly put aviation on highest alert (again) owing to a temperamental Mount Bardarbunga, which has been rumbling for the past week.

E. coli at Applebee's: Minnesota health officials blame cabbage

Fifteen people in Minnesota were sickened by the produce, which was likely contaminated before it was distributed.
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