General Mills abandons new online terms of service

The company said public concern forced it to remove new terms of service from its website. The Minnesota-based food company had planned to require consumers to agree to arbitration or informal negotiation instead of pursuing lawsuits if they've engaged with General Mills online through coupon downloads, sweepstakes, and other activities.
Special News Feature

Unchecked irrigation threatens groundwater

A special report, "Beneath the Surface," shines a light on the pressures on Minnesota's groundwater.

Landscape work on Green Line

Community works, waits as Green Line construction wraps up

Trains on the new Green Line light rail transit system will ramp up their test runs Monday. That's a sign that the Central Corridor project is 99 percent complete, but there's still work to do.
Minnesota Pipe Line Company pumping station

Minn. pipeline firm wants to expand capacity

The company has asked the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission to approve its plans to double the capacity of its Line 4 pipeline, built in 2008 to carry 165,000 barrels of crude oil per day.
The Verso paper mill in Sartell

Parts of Verso paper mill to become art in Sartell

The Verso Paper Corp. mill was a key part of Sartell before it was put out of commission by a 2012 fire. Now, a local artist and Sartell High School teacher have found a way to keep pieces of the mill in the community.
State Rep. Carly Melin

Medical marijuana backers concerned about political power of law enforcement

Efforts to legalize medical marijuana in Minnesota have drawn sharp criticism from law enforcement officials. But medical marijuana isn't the only issue that police and prosecutors are trying to influence. They also have been working on criminal forfeiture, surveillance and drug issues.
Bethel University

McCollum seeks to change to how feds rate financial health of colleges

McCollum's efforts come after complaints by Bethel University and other schools that the federal formula that determines schools' health is deeply flawed.

Telltale rainbow sheens show thousands of spills across the Gulf

Since the disastrous BP spill in 2010, environmentalists have kept watch over Lousisiana's coastline. One consortium says there's far more oil leaking into the Gulf than companies are reporting.

Extra vaccination push underway in Ohio as mumps outbreak spreads

Health officials in Columbus, Ohio, are calling the city's mumps outbreak the biggest since the development of the mumps vaccine in the 1940s.
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