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The Minnesota State Fair

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Best Buy posts mixed results in 2Q

The consumer electronics company's adjusted profit topped Wall Street's view, but revenue fell short.

Douglas McAuthur McCain, a man with Minnesota ties, killed in Syria

The 33-year-old man was there to fight alongside an extremist militant group, most likely the Islamic State, a U.S. official says.
Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan to release the 'complete Basement Tapes'

The 11th installment in Bob Dylan's official "Bootleg Series" will be an expanded version of an album that could be described as his first official bootleg release.

GOP leaders ask for apology from Franken

The chair of the Minnesota Republican Party and two members of the Minnesota House are calling on DFL Sen. Al Franken to apologize for past writings and actions that Republican leaders say are offensive to women. They also want DFL Party Chair Ken Martin to denounce Franken.
DNR forest ecologist AmberBeth Van Ningen

In northern Minnesota, a primeval land of the Lost 40

This is a place where some of Minnesota's largest trees tower over some of the state's most fragile plants, a virgin forest that, legend has it, was spared the ax because surveyors mapped it mistakenly as a wetland. It still wears its name well: the Lost 40.
Doctor examines patient

Podcast: Hallberg's Picture of Health, episode 5

Host Tom Crann and Dr. Jon Hallberg discuss the third leading cause of death among American women--stroke. The American Heart Association has issued new guidelines to help women monitor their risk. Dr. Hallberg explains why women are at a slightly higher risk of stroke then men, what the warning signs are, and what women can do to reduce the risk.
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