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Southwest light rail proposal wins Minneapolis City Council approval

Five months ago, the city appeared to be on a collision course with the Metropolitan Council over the project.

Songs as soundtrack to latin life

This edition of NPR's Alt.Latino explores contempory music from Latin American, from a Mexican legend to a French-Cuban duo.

PoliGraph: DCCC Mills claim half wrong, half right

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is criticizing 8th Congressional District Republican candidate Stewart Mills for saying he would scrap the Affordable Care Act, including parts that both sides support.

Lizards and worms don't belong on the school lunch menu

India's free school lunch program is the largest in the world. It is also a program that has made headlines for its missteps, one of which was tragic.
An American racer snake

Snakes in the grass: A key to Minnesota's vanishing prairie

Scientists are tracking snakes in southeastern Minnesota to monitor their health, but also the health of the larger ecosystem.

E. coli at Applebee's: Minnesota health officials blame cabbage

Fifteen people in Minnesota were sickened by the produce, which was likely contaminated before it was distributed.
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