Frances Olson

Frances Olson

from American Swedish Institute Spelmanslag, performing Impromptu and Variations in B Flat, Op. 142 composed/arranged by F. Schubert.


Artistic Statement

3. Why I chose this piece: The first time I heard Schubert's Impromptu in B Flat, Op. 142, I felt captivated by it. The theme and variations capture the essence of the human emotional spectrum. I love the number of key changes and how they add depth to the theme. The main key of B Flat creates an underpinning of peace, making for a pleasant flow between the contrasting sections. Schubert is sometimes regarded as one of the more approachable composers of the Romantic era, and his music is often programmed for children. Perhaps his music is loved by a wide audience because of it's ability to express emotions, however simple or complicated. This impromptu still has much to teach me, and I will be learning from it for the rest of my life.

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