Friday, June 23, 2017

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Fantasy Legislature Team Page: Rule 3.21ers

Minnesota Public Radio

Rule 3.21ers
Gold League
Manager: Bill Lindeke

Bio: I'm a graduate student in the University of Minnesota's Geography department, studying media portrayls of cities. I've been a news voluteer for KFAI radio for a few years, and I worked as a Minnesota House of Representatives Page last session, where I got to witness Minnesota politics from the front row.

Name and strategy: Rule 3.21 has to do with whether or not an amendment is "germane" to the bill to which it's attached, and is often used ruthlessly to strike down unwanted amendments. I drafted all House members that I knew and liked from my time working there.



Rep. Neil Peterson
Rep. Jim Davnie
Rep. Dean Urdahl
Rep. Phyllis Kahn

Sen. Linda Scheid

Rep. Loren Solberg

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