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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Among those supporting Peltier's last-ditch bid for freedom is Pope Francis, who wrote to the White House on Tuesday, Peltier's attorney, Martin Garbus, said Wednesday. (01/18/2017)
It was not immediately clear the effect that the lapse would have on the confirmation of Mulvaney, a staunch conservative elected in the 2010 tea party wave. A hearing before the budget panel is scheduled for next week. (01/18/2017)
St. Anthony police officer Jeronimo Yanez faces felony charges tied to the shooting death of motorist Philando Castile in Falcon Heights last July. Prosecutors on Wednesday asked a judge to turn aside Yanez's motion to dismiss. (01/18/2017)
One of the first questions Obama is likely to face is over his controversial decision to commute the prison sentence of Chelsea Manning, an Army private who leaked military information to WikiLeaks.
A spokeswoman for Russia's foreign ministry announced the extension on Facebook, while ridiculing a former deputy CIA chief. Snowden is in exile in Russia; his supporters have called for a pardon.
Several JCCs across the east coast — including New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Florida, Massachussetts and Maine — received similar calls this morning.
South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley assailed the Obama administration on Wednesday for failing to block a U.N. Security Council resolution that condemned Israel's settlements in east Jerusalem and the West Bank.
There will be no official tally of how many people attend either Friday's inaugural festivities or the Women's March on Washington on Saturday. Here's a look at why crowd size is so mysterious.
The progress report from the International Joint Commission will provide recommendations to the U.S. and Canada to meet the goals of a 2012 agreement to clean up the lakes.
How close are we to the point when a bacterial infection can resist all available antibiotics? A case in Nevada, reported this past week in the CDC journal, says that we're already there.
Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt has a long history of criticizing and suing the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, which he is now being tapped to lead.
President-elect Donald Trump's pick for health secretary said Wednesday that the health care system is losing focus on patients, its first priority, and he offered assurances that the new administration is not planning to launch into a Medicare overhaul.
Energy Transfer Partners has asked a federal judge to block the study. A hearing is scheduled for Wednesday afternoon.
Billionaire investor Wilbur Ross cited his relationship with the United Steelworkers Union, which has endorsed him for the Cabinet post, as proof that he will work to protect American jobs.
Global temperatures soared above the 20th century average last year, as the climate continues to change. It hasn't been this hot since scientists started tracking global temperatures in 1880.
Rachel Cusk's latest -- the second in a trilogy that began with 'Outline' -- follows a writer unmoored by the breakup of her marriage, and the people she meets as she goes about her strange new life.
Today's Morning Edition music is from Colin Campbell and the Shackeltons with "4 am." They're playing First Ave. tonight as part of a showcase of the best new bands of 2016. The group's made up of three brothers, the Campbells, and they say they're rooted in an authentic "Minnesota Sound." They'll be joined by six other groups at the show. Those are groups that our sister station the Current has highlighted throughout the year, especially on the Local Show on Sunday nights. Andrea Swensson hosts that show, and she'll be helping to host at First Ave tonight as well. She'll be joined by others from Radio K and Go 96.
Writer Josh Dean recently spent time with Lindell at his new factory in Shakopee for an article published this week in Bloomberg Businessweek.
The Patent and Trademark Office denied registration to an Asian-American rock band named The Slants; the musicians say they want to reappropriate the term. The case hits the high court on Wednesday.
On average, Earth will have 10 fewer days of mild and mostly dry weather by the end of the century, researchers estimate.
Officers were called to check on the welfare of a man who did not show up for work Tuesday.
The disappointing holiday season is a setback for Target, which like many other retailers is trying to reinvent itself to be more nimble in a changing landscape where online leader is setting the rules.
Diane Witherspoon of Minneapolis passed away last month after a long career as a jazz singer. She was first inspired by her sister, Shirley Witherspoon, a renowned jazz musician who sang with the likes of Duke Ellington.
Last year, Oxfam said the world's richest 62 people had as much money as the poorest 3.6 billion. Turns out those numbers were wrong: The richest nine people had as much wealth as half the planet.
Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt has sparked controversy for his denial of climate science and his ties to fossil-fuel interests. Here's what to expect in Wednesday's confirmation hearing.
Rep. Tom Price goes before a Senate panel for the first time since being picked to head Health and Human Services. Expect sharp questions about Medicare reform, drug prices and his stock portfolio.
Rep. Ryan Zinke testified that humans influence climate, although there is a debate over how much. He promised to emulate Teddy Roosevelt in managing public lands.
Former President George H.W. Bush was admitted to an intensive care unit on Wednesday, and his wife, Barbara, was hospitalized as a precaution, according to his spokesman.
The Massachusetts-based coffee and doughnut chain is planning to open dozens of stores in the state as it expands westward.
Conversations in Hall and DeKalb counties quickly reveal some of the sharp distinctions between the disparate Americas Trump will lead, even if some are exaggerated by perceptions each side has about the other.
Does criminal behavior drive law enforcement's use of deadly force, or is there racial bias among police officers? In a new debate from the Intelligence Squared series, two former cops and two lawyers explore the recent incidents, the statistics and the public controversy.

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