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 89.3 KCMP HD2


Classical 24

 99.5 KSJN HD2

Radio Heartland™

 91.1 KNOW HD2


BBC News and More

 91.1 KNOW HD3

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Minnesota Public Radio broadcasts on 45 stations that serve Minnesota and its neighboring communities, with 39 local translators providing additional coverage for the region.

Most areas are served by both a classical music station and a news and information station. One location is covered by a single station that combines both services. Minnesota Public Radio stations' public inspection files are available on the Web.

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HD Radio

Minnesota Public Radio is now broadcasting all three of our services—News, Classical and The Current—on HD Radio in several communities throughout the state. In the Twin Cities, we're also multicasting Classical 24®, BBC News and More, a music service from The Current for kids and their grown-ups called Wonderground Radio™, and a music service that's an eclectic mix of acoustic, Americana, and roots music: Radio Heartland.™.

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