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Your favorite composers

Gustav Mahler Giacomo Puccini Sergei Rachmaninoff J.S. Bach Igor Stravinsky

Thanks to everyone who voted in our “most popular composer” poll. We hope you had a fun time weighing the possibilities and voting for your favorites. We’ve come up with a Top Ten list, based on your votes, and will be including their music in the coming week. Happy listening!

Your Favorites

1. Gustav Mahler with 2,622 votes or 15.86%

2. Ludwig Van Beethoven with 1,687 votes or 10.21%

3. Johannes Brahms with 1,438 votes or 8.7%

4. J.S. Bach with 1,018 votes or 6.16%

5. Igor Stravinsky with 868 votes, or 5.25%

6. Sergei Rachmaninoff with 816 votes, or 4.94%

7. Richard Wagner with 776 votes, or 4.69%

8. Felix Mendelssohn with 733 votes, or 4.43%

9. Giacomo Puccini with 724 votes, or 4.38%

10. Franz Schubert with 717 votes, or 4.34%

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