We continue our look at the impact of the state's budget shortfall through the eyes of individual communities. This time, we visit Fergus Falls.
(March 2009)

An introduction to Fergus Falls

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The Budget in Your Backyard in White Bear Lake.


City leaders ask, "What can we stop doing?"

In Fergus Falls, leaders are trying to cut the budget without hurting essential services. But the decisions are getting harder to make.

Graphic: Demographics

See how Fergus Falls compares with other Minnesota cities.

Graphic: Population

See some characteristics of Fergus Falls' population.

Health Care

Rural hospital reaches tipping point

Balancing the state budget could mean big changes for the people covered by MinnesotaCare and the hospitals that treat them.

Graphic: Health Care

As they struggle with funding, nursing homes are unable to compete with larger hospitals in offering higher wages to employees.

Elder Care

Budget cuts may hit rural seniors harder

The population of Otter Tail County is getting older. Local officials worry about how to reach out to rural, sometimes isolated seniors.

The changing face of Pelican Rapids

Another city in Otter Tail County, which has seen an influx of immigrants. (May 2006)