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Share your thoughtful opinion about current state budget issues and read commentaries or personal perspectives from other citizens.

Discuss: Public budget, personal impact

"I for one am scared. We are a one income family, have a special needs son. I have yet to see my yearly cost of living wage increase that the city I work for and live in always gives us."
- comment from beth h.
Join beth h. and others in our online discussion: How are you affected by the Minnesota budget shortfall?
Share a different perspective: What's the best-kept secret in your community?

Discuss: Funding higher education

"With the job market as dismal as it is, and expected to only get worse, the only refuge for many recent/soon-to-be high school graduates is some form of post high school education."
- comment from Mark Jepsen
Join Mark Jepsen and others in our online discussion: How will state budget cuts affect higher education?