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Stop the wasteful spending on the Senate race

This trial is costing Minnesota citizens and their judiciary too much money. [MPR News: Coleman lawyers ask judges to reconsider ruling]

There should be another system to determine a winner in a contested election. Because Minnesotans are obviously split down the middle between Coleman and Franken, maybe someone should flip a coin.

We cannot afford this dragged-out process.

Mary Ford
Mendota Heights, Minn.

In foreclosure? The stimulus is too late for you.

Who is going to help the poor family whose home is in foreclosure? Getting a modified mortgage when you've lost your income and have to depend on only one income is a bit impossible! I think the poor guy on "Main Street" is doomed to be poor.

Lawrence Golon
Streamwood, Ill.

Stimulus package muscled in

It's hard to lose when you're preaching to the choir. [MPR News: Stimulus package clears Congress]

Although, in this case, I think the choir may have been preaching to the Pastor. When you control enough seats in both houses such that you can completely ignore the other party, I don't see how any "win" can be considered "key". I think what's more significant is that while only 50% of the american public are sure of this thing, the politicians never took a minute to listen and all Obama had time to do was campaign. Time for campaigning is over, but the time to bankrupt our country has apparently begun.

Shawn Lavelle
St. Louis Park, Minn.

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