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A call for inclusive thinking

So often, political candidates believe that a victory is an endorsement of their entire political agenda / party planks when, in fact, they may simply have been more closely aligned to a voters viewpoints than their opponent. It is critical, now more than ever, that the candidates remember that they represent their entire constituency rather than the privileged few that chose to vote for them.

I will use Minnesota's recent U.S Senatorial race as an example. Whether Coleman or Franken prevail, it is incumbent upon them to remember that people also voted against them rather than voted for them, which certainly signifies a certain level of discontent with politics as usual from either party.

Many claims were made about bipartisan efforts during the campaigns. Let's hold our elected officials to that claim. I challenge any elected official to stand up and identify a good idea from the opposing party (they're out there, these people aren't dummies) and not just back it, but run with it. Unfortunately, it's the quickest way to political suicide in our current system.

Bruce Broecker
Saint Paul, Minn.

How good did we have it?

Hmm, I'm having a hard time remembering how "good" we had it. [MPR News: Minnesotans react to Obama victory]

Was it the collapse of the banking system? Or perhaps the trillions of wasted dollars and wasted lives in Iraq? Maybe it was the Stock market crash or the disgustingly huge profit margins posted by the oil industry because of $4.00 a gallon gasoline? Maybe too it was all of the home foreclosures? I'm not too sure. But I am sure that we are headed for real change! The resurrection of the middle class and the restoration of our constitutional rights. The future will bring us back to the "good old days."

Bert Piraino
Houlton, Wisc.

From lottery to legacy?

Although I did vote for the legacy amendment [MPR News: Voters pass outdoors, arts constitutional amendment] I have heard many make the comment, "I thought this is where the lottery money goes."

Nancy Berns
Alexandria, Minn.

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