Minnesota Legislature: Minnesota's Budget Crisis

While state employees are returning to work after a 20-day layoff, the judge who heard arguments for funding programs during the shutdown said her job is done. (07/21/2011)
For the past seven months, jobs and the state budget were atop of the discussion for Gov. Mark Dayton and lawmakers. But did they deliver on jobs? (07/21/2011)
Minneapolis city officials said they will have to cut jobs, road paving projects and money set aside for property tax relief to make up for more than a $23 million reduction in state aid. (07/21/2011)
With the exception of the restaurant and lodge and a few cabins at the park, officials say visitors are welcome to return. (07/21/2011)
After three weeks of a government shutdown during which more than 20,000 state workers sat at home laid off, and state parks, rest stops and countless other operations sat idle, many Minnesotans are angry the people they elected to balance the state budget failed to do so. (07/20/2011)
As the Legislature is about to begin a special session to settle the state's budget, the revenue department issues a release stating that Local Government Aid checks be delayed until at least July 27. (07/20/2011)
Minnesota's government restart brings the reopening of state parks and other services. (07/20/2011)
The budget bills Gov. Mark Dayton signed Wednesday will likely translate to reduced funding to some departments and cuts to the state workforce by 6 percent. (07/20/2011)
Education officials across the state spent the day poring over the $13.6 billion dollar K-12 education bill that Gov. Dayton signed today. The central provision is a $700 million delay in state aid payments for schools. But it also includes a host of other changes that will affect how schools operate over the next few years. (07/20/2011)
The nearly $500 million bonding bill signed into law Wednesday will borrow $10 million for local road maintenance and safety improvements. (07/20/2011)
The end of Minnesota's government shutdown will bring the re-opening of state parks, one of the most visible casualties of the budget impasse, starting as early as Friday. (07/20/2011)
DFL Gov. Mark Dayton has signed the state budget, ending a 20-day state government shutdown. (07/20/2011)
State agencies planned for weeks to cope with the shut down, and now they have to throw all their plans into reverse. (07/20/2011)
The state budget and the end of the 20 day state government shutdown are now in DFL Gov. Mark Dayton's hands. (07/20/2011)
Final agreements on several budget bills are being made public. As the work on the remaining bills continues, MPR will add details as they are announced. (07/20/2011)

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