A $13.8 billion education bill awaits the governor's signature -- or his veto. What's in the bill? What's not? And what do educators think of it? (Midday, 05/29/2007)
The $13.8 billion education bill passed by the Legislature would boost spending on special education by about $330 million, the largest-ever increase for special ed funding. School districts with large numbers of special education students are the biggest winners. (05/25/2007)
Most students at Minnesota's public colleges and universities will see about a 4-percent tuition increase next year. That would be the lowest tuition increase in at least a decade. (05/21/2007)
The bill would boost education spending by nearly $800 million. But it falls short of the hopes for education this session, and it doesn't include all of the governor's key education goals. (05/21/2007)
The Minnesota Senate approved a K-12 education bill Wednesday without an income tax hike that would have attracted Gov. Pawlenty's veto. The bill raises school funding by $800 million, with much of the new money devoted to defraying the cost of special education. (Midday, 05/17/2007)
The Minnesota House and Senate approved a $3.2 billion higher education funding bill that now goes on to face Gov. Pawlenty's veto. Pawlenty calls it uninspiring and devoid of any reform, while DFLers say it makes up for Pawlenty's underfunding over the past several years. (05/09/2007)
It would be an understatement to say that Gov. Pawlenty and Democrats in the Legislature aren't on the same page at this point in the session. Pawlenty has vetoed his fourth budget bill in less than a week and the Legislature seems intent on challenging him again and again. (05/08/2007)
Supporters of a measure that would give in-state tuition to the children of illegal immigrants will have to wait another year. (05/07/2007)
DFL leaders in the Minnesota House say they've passed one of the best education funding bills the state has seen in decades. (04/19/2007)
Both Gov. Pawlenty and the president of Education Minnesota, Judy Schaubach, have an idea. (04/03/2007)
The bill would hold tuition increases to 2 percent at MnSCU schools, and 3.5 percent at the University of Minnesota. (03/27/2007)
Senate DFLers say the state has to help schools with their special ed costs before funding new initiatives that Gov. Pawlenty has proposed. But the Senate education plan is leaner than either Gov. Pawlenty's education budget, or a House DFL bill released on Monday (03/26/2007)
The DFL-controlled Minnesota Senate is scheduled to vote Monday on an education bill that is actually $390 million smaller than what Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty has proposed. Why is the Senate proposing to spend less on education than the governor? (Midday, 03/26/2007)
Early childhood education was cited as a top priority by legislative leaders early this session, but budget bills released last week don't reflect that. (03/25/2007)
The Minnesota Senate on Thursday passed a higher education bill that even its chief author didn't like. The bill did not put a lid on tuition, and University of Minnesota officials say their allowance in the measure would force them to raise undergraduate tuition by $1,100 over the next two years. (Midday, 03/23/2007)

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