Television Ad Spending in the Twin Cities

by Tom Scheck, Raghav Mehta, and Elliot deBruyn, Minnesota Public Radio

Candidates, special interest groups and political parties spend millions of dollars trying to influence who you'll vote for on Election Day. One of the best, and most expensive, ways to do that is through TV advertising. MPR News took a look at how much the candidates have spent on TV advertising in the Twin Cities since Aug 11, 2010, the day after the primary.

We looked at records at KARE, KSTP, WCCO, FOX9, WFTC and Comcast Cable Network. The candidates for governor have already set a new spending record, and the ads from their campaigns and outside groups won't stop before Election Day.

You can browse deep into the data to see who is buying ads, what times of the day they are running, and which stations are getting the money.

This information only covers ad spending related to the general election campaign. It does not include primary campaign spending. This information does not include all ad spending by independent expenditure groups. Some of the TV stations are not releasing independent expenditure buys related to state races, including the governor's race, saying they are not required to do so under state and federal laws.

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