Ground Level: Local Food

About the Ground Level project

Welcome to Ground Level, a Minnesota Public Radio News project examining community issues in Minnesota.

We identify topics that are significant and complex and that play out uniquely at the local level. We want to explore those issues in which people taking action in their communities make a difference and can serve as guides for others.

We launched this in early 2010 and have shined a light on a variety of topics, from Todd County's aging population to cities preparing for new fiscal realities, from exurban growth in Baldwin Township to the local food movement across the state.

We experiment with coverage on a variety of platforms. This includes text, audio and video online, of course - the Ground Level blog, a series of topics pages and social networking, for example. It also includes on-air coverage, public forums both virtual and real-world and collaboration with community-based media.

Our audience consists of Minnesotans interested in community life, particularly those who are taking an active part in it or helping others do the same.

Ground Level is very much an experiment -- in finding ways to learn about and tell stories, in working with other organizations, in walking up to the line between providing insight and advocating specific actions. Our goal is to inform and give people the ability and incentive to engage with their community.

We invite your feedback and your ideas, via the blog, Twitter, phone calls, emails, whatever.

Join us.