Ground Level: Todd County

Todd County: Ahead of the aging curve

by Dave Peters and Than Tibbetts, Minnesota Public Radio
April 2010


Todd County's population is expected to remain flat for the coming several decades, while the rest of the state grows. Already the population's age makeup differs from that of the state as a whole, and the composition of Todd County's population will change dramatically. The number of people over 65 who live alone is expected to rise significantly.

To determine how well a community is able to provide care for its elderly population, experts sometimes look at the ratio of women aged 45 to 64 -- those likeliest to find themselves providing care for older people -- to people over 85 -- those likeliest to need care.

Economy and Income

Todd County is not as well off as the state as a whole, by several measures. Unemployment rises and falls in concert with the state as a whole but is typically higher in Todd County.


The county's economy is hard to predict. Agriculture has been a strength but is changing. There are fewer farms but many more of them are very small hobby farms.


Immigration also has changed the county's economy. Latinos, the largest ethnic minority, has a substantially different age make-up than Todd County as a whole.