2010 Annual Yearly Progress Results for Minnesota Schools

by Tom Weber and Steve Mullis, Minnesota Public Radio
August 12, 2010

Scores from Minnesota's standardized test, the MCA-II, are split into two sets of results: How well students did, and how well schools did.

The state released the student scores earlier this summer; the scores for the schools were released Tuesday and are below.

"Adequate Yearly Progress" (AYP) is measured by splitting students into 27 subgroups, based on the subject area and students' ethnicity. (Hispanic students' performance on math is one example). If students in just one of those subgroups don't meet proficiency benchmarks, the entire school is considered "Not Making AYP."

This year, 1,048 schools did not make AYP (the same number as in '09); 1,060 did make AYP; and 183 had insufficient data to warrant an AYP status.