Northstar Commuter Rail begins

November 16, 2009

The Northstar commuter train line begins service today, carrying residents from the northwestern Twin Cities suburbs and beyond to downtown Minneapolis. Supporters hope it's just the start of a new era of transit options in the region.

Train car

Northstar launches without a hitch

On the first day of operation, Northstar rail passengers were finding their way to the stations and onto the trains without difficulty.
Train car

Northstar is ready to roll

After nearly a dozen years and $320 million in investment, the Northstar commuter rail line begins serving passengers today.

Celebrating a train, Minnesota style

Thousands of people came out over the weekend to celebrate the launch of Northstar -- with a distinctly Minnesota touch. Watch the video.
Train car

Northstar FAQ

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about the Northstar commuter rail service.
Scarborough station

The East Coast commuter's guide

To mark the beginning of Northstar commuter rail service, MPR's Public Insight Network asked expert commuters on the East Coast for their advice to Minnesota riders.
Northstar Commuter Rail

Is Northstar just the beginning?

With the start of Northstar service, lawmakers and transit officials are turning their sights to the future.
Transit Map Metropolitan Council 2030 Transit Plan
There's quite a lot on the transit drawing board for the greater Twin Cities metro area.