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MPR News: Voters speak

by Minnesota Public Radio
November 3, 2008

MPR News wanted to know which issues are weighing most heavily on the minds of Minnesotans this election season. We talked with several voters in the region to find out just what's guiding their vote for president this year.

  • Rachel Baumann

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    Name: Rachel Baumann
    Supporting: Barack Obama

    Rachel Baumann is a mother of three from Apple Valley. The issue motivating her to get to the polls next week is the Iraq war.

  • Max Robinson

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    Name: Max Robinson
    Supporting: John McCain

    A manufacturers rep from Bloomington, Robinson is worried that American freedom might be slipping away.

  • Carol Lowell

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    Name: Carol Lowell
    Supporting:Barack Obama

    Carol Lowell is a 60-year-old from Stillwater. Lowell and her husband retired one year ago with great expectations. She says things have changed dramatically since then.

  • Jeff Furlong

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    Name: Jeff Furlong
    Supporting: John McCain

    Jeff Furlong is a sales manager from Rogers who says energy will be foremost in his mind when he heads to the polls.

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    Name: Gabrielle Herbers
    Supporting: Barack Obama

    Sister Gabrielle Herbers, who lives at the Home of the Good Shepherd in Shoreview. Herbers is voting for Barack Obama for president and the most important issue to her is immigration.

  • Doug Campbell

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    Name: Doug Campbell
    Supporting: John McCain

    Doug Campbell works for an insurance company and lives in Bloomington with his wife and two young sons. He wants a president who won't raise taxes for corporations.