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The McCarthy Tapes: Audio from the archive

Minnesota Public Radio
December 8, 2006

The McCarthy archive, which is housed at the University of Minnesota's Elmer L. Andersen Library, contains hundreds of hours of audio tapes and film documenting the 1968 presidential campaign. Here are some of those historic moments.

Eugene McCarthy speaks in favor of the Gulf of Tonkin resolution, which gave President Johnson authority to move more American troops into South Vietnam. August 1964

McCarthy speaks at the University of California, Berkeley, calling for an anti-war challenger to President Johnson in the next election. Oct. 27, 1967

McCarthy announces he's running for president, Nov. 30, 1967

Interview with actor Paul Newman, campaigning for McCarthy in Wisconsin, Feb. 1968

McCarthy reacts to Robert F. Kennedy's entry into the presidential race, March 1968

McCarthy speaks at the Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee, Wis., March 24, 1968

McCarthy campaign rally in Madison, Wis., March 27, 1968

McCarthy news conference in San Francisco, speculating on Hubert Humphrey's potential candidacy, April 4, 1968

McCarthy reacts to Hubert Humphrey's entry into the race, April 1968

McCarthy speaks in Rushville, Ind., spring, 1968

Interview with Abigail McCarthy, spring, 1968

McCarthy after winning the Oregon primary, May 27, 1968

McCarthy-Kennedy debate in California, June 1, 1968

McCarthy resumes his campaign after the death of Robert Kennedy, June 12, 1968

McCarthy welcoming rally in Chicago before the Democratic Party convention, Aug. 25, 1968. McCarthy was introduced by Sen. Ralph Yarborough of Texas.

McCarthy speaks to supporters in Chicago's Grant Park during the Democratic Party convention, Aug. 28, 1968

McCarthy endorses Hubert Humphrey for president, Oct. 29, 1968