From the Archive - Minnesota Today

  • 1973: Defining Irish
    Dr. Eoin McKiernan talks about what it means to be Irish.March 14, 2011
  • 1989: the Trashmen
    More than a surfin' bird.February 6, 2011
  • 1976: Perpich is sworn in
    Lt. Gov. Rudy Perpich gets the nod and steps into the Governor's job.January 6, 2011
  • 1982: Metrodome deflates
    A brief history of the deflating dome.December 20, 2010
  • 1974: Dellums on healthcare
    Ron Dellum discusses America's Socialist health care system.December 6, 2010
  • 1987: Turkey
    Bulking up for mass production... the art of turkey breeding.November 23, 2010
  • 2000: Winds of Hell
    1940 Armistice Day blizzard traps hunters and others around the state.November 3, 2010
  • 1990: Paul Wellstone senate bid
    Paul Wellstone is interviewed on MPR just after winning his 1990 senate bid.October 28, 2010
  • 1975: Renaissance Festival
    A look back at a look back. Renaissance Festival 1975.September 22, 2010
  • 1987: Activists educate fairgoers about AIDS
    AIDS was a new and frightening epidemic disease when activists set up a booth at the Minnesota State Fair to educate people about the disease. This 1987 MPR report captures fairgoers' reactions.September 3, 2010
  • 1975: State Fair food back in the day
    Nothing that starts with "fried" or ends in "on a stick?" That's crazy talk. Take a tour of the Minnesota State Fair's menu from 35 years ago in this report from the Minnesota Public Radio archives.August 25, 2010
  • 1975: Speed limits become a hot-button issue
    Gas prices go up, speed limits come down and people grumble all around. Check out this 1975 report from the Minnesota Public Radio archive to hear how speed limits drove an intense public debate.August 25, 2010
  • 1975: Minnesotans remember wide open spaces
    Open land isn't always easy to find these days. Minnesota may be the land of 10,000 lakes -- but there's a road or two leading almost all of them. It wasn't always that way. In this 1975 report, Minnesotans share memories of the vast countryside and hushed sounds of the prairie.August 5, 2010
  • 1975: To build or not to build the Metrodome
    The Metrodome is down to one major tenant -- the Minnesota Vikings -- and even they don't want to play there anymore. As the team and the state contemplate building a new stadium, take a look back at the days when the Metrodome was still just a gleam in lawmakers' eyes.August 2, 2010
  • 1974: Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce
    McDonalds brings competition to the kitchen. In this 1974 Minnesota Public Radio story, reporter Greg Barron tells us about a national competition to be the best McDonalds worker.July 26, 2010