• Migrant workers sue Seneca Foods
    A group of migrant workers is suing Seneca Foods Corp. for breech of contract. The group works at the company's vegetable and fruit processing plant in Montgomery in southeastern Minnesota. One activist group is calling the suit a step toward equal rights for migrant workers.July 19, 2006
  • 200 National Guard members to patrol Mexican border
    Gov. Tim Pawlenty says he's sending 200 Minnesota National Guard troops to New Mexico to help patrol the U.S.-Mexico border. Pawlenty says he's activating the troops because the U.S. Departments of Defense and Homeland Security issued a request for help.July 5, 2006
  • New bakery offers a taste of home to Salvadorians
    A new bakery in St. Paul is bringing a taste of El Salvador to the Twin Cities. For some, that's a taste of home. As the Latino population in Minnesota continues to grow, different small populations of Latin Americans are developing specialty businesses.July 4, 2006
  • Celebrating citizenship
    Is it cliche to do a story about immigrants becoming official U.S. citizens on the Fourth of July? Maybe. But is that a bad thing?July 3, 2006
  • Fargo/Moorhead a destination point for new immigrants
    Fargo, North Dakota has a long history of accepting people driven out of their homeland by war. Twenty years ago, the city saw an influx of refugees from Vietnam. In the years since the nationalities have changed but the influx of new Americans and the communities acceptance of them, has not.July 2, 2006
  • Local Somalis watch and wait
    More than 14,000 displaced Somalis live in Minnesota. Many Somalis in the metro area support the new group, which this week declared it controls the conflict-ridden country. The Minnesota Somalis are closely watching the situation because it may have an impact on their own futures.June 30, 2006
  • Absentee ballots allow Mexicans in Minnesota to vote
    Mexico will elect a new president Sunday, and for the first time ever, Mexicans living outside of the country can vote absentee. But it looks as if very few Mexicans in Minnesota and the U.S. took advantage of their right to vote in their home country.June 30, 2006
  • The power of words in the immigration debate
    That person who overstayed their visa or crossed the border illegally: Are they an illegal immigrant? An undocumented worker? An alien? Minnesota journalists, immigration activists and others discussed how the media covers immigration at Minnesota Public Radio on June 20.Midday, June 28, 2006
  • Popular community health care clinic closes
    La Clinica en Lake is well-known as a convenient health care clinic with a bilingual and bicultural approach. But now, the clinic is closing next month, and patients have to find another place to go.June 23, 2006
  • Debating the 'i' word
    The national debate on immigration policy has loomed large in media coverage in recent months. It turns out the way the media reports on those debates can be as contentious as the immigration policy in question.June 21, 2006
  • Learning two languages, one at a time
    Life in the U.S. can be hard for a new immigrant. It's even more difficult when they can't read or write in their own language. This is a common story for many Latin American immigrants from impoverished backgrounds with little education.June 12, 2006
  • Spanish language radio builds in Minnesota
    You've got to work a little to hear Spanish language radio in the Twin Cities. There's a smattering of programs on community stations. But, if you know where to look, there are now two 24-hour Spanish language stations going head to head for listeners.June 11, 2006
  • Who's on the roof: Immigrant labor shapes a summer industry
    In Minnesota, summer is the season of roof work. But a glance at the crews overhead this time of year makes it clear most people doing that work are not from Minnesota. The residential roofing industry around the country now relies on low-priced labor by Mexican immigrants. Industry insiders say the roofing business would collapse without this migrant work force -- which includes immigrants who are in the U.S. legally and illegally.June 4, 2006
  • The changing face of Pelican Rapids
    While immigration has been a hot topic of debate recently, the town of Pelican Rapids in northern Minnesota has been on the front line of immigration reform for years.May 30, 2006
  • Students explore their new home by bike
    A new group of riders is discovering the Twin Cities bike trail system. They are immigrant students at the Wellstone International High School in Minneapolis. For the last two years, the school has sponsored a bike club where students learn how to ride and get a chance to explore the area.May 18, 2006

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