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Regional Development Advisory Council

The public is invited to meetings about MPR stations WSCD, WSCN, WIRC, WIRR, WIRN, WGGL, WGRH, WINH, WMLS, and WLSN. These bi-annual meetings are currently scheduled to meet in March and September. For further information call 218-722-9411.

Regional Development Advisory Council members

  • Melanie Grune, Chair
  • Paul Loraas, Vice Chair
  • Annie Dugan, Secretary
  • Linda Boben
  • Don Davison
  • Lori Huska
  • Peter Jeronimus
  • Amy Johnson
  • Jeannette Lange
  • Scott Neff
  • Steve Piragis
  • Mickey Pearson

For more information about the RDAC, please contact Patty Mester at 218-722-9411 or

See the Events Calendar for all Minnesota Public Radio events and activities.

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Patty Mester, Regional Network Manager:
Cathy Nevanen, Account Executive:
Dan Kraker, News Bureau Chief:

If you have information or suggestions for news stories, contact Dan Kraker at 218-722-9411 or

For information on how to get your business message on-air or on the MPR Web site, contact Cathy Nevanen at 218-722-9411 or

For all other inquiries, contact Patty Mester at 218-722-9411 or

About the Stations

Established: Dec 2013
Program schedule
Public inspection files

Established: Aug 2010
Program schedule
Public inspection files

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