Saturday, April 21, 2018

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Brian Newhouse

World Choral Spectacular

with Brian Newhouse
About the Program
Every three years, the planet's best choirs vie to perform at the World Choral Symposium. This blue-ribbon choral festival touches down at a new location each time, and in 2005 Kyoto, Japan hosted 24 phenomenal choirs. American Public Media was at the Symposium and has now created this four-part 'best-of-the-best' broadcast series called World Choral Spectacular 2006. (WCS I was broadcast in 2003.) The repertoire centers on traditional choral singing that U.S. public radio listeners will find familiar, but each program also holds brief, delightful musical surprises as well; for instance, a haunting Islamic song from Turkey, or an improvised Norwegian folktune. The unifying factor throughout this series is quality: every one of these performances is breathtaking.

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