Minnesota Public Radio at the 2009 State Fair

Photo Booth Pictures from the last day of the fair:

Looking for your photo from the 2009 Minnesota State Fair? Check by date:
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The MPR Photo Booth is sponsored by Hamline University

Photo Booth FAQ:

How can I get my photo taken?
Visit us at the MPR booth at the 2009 Minnesota State Fair! We will take a digital picture of you, your friends, or family in front of our commemorative sign. After we've taken your photo, we'll post it on that day's online commemorative image slideshow which appears on our Web site. You'll be able to see all pictures on our Web site and grab a copy on your own computer.

Can't I get a print right there and there?
Sorry, we're not able to print photos at the MPR booth. We store the photos digitally so you can "pick up" the picture online anytime you like.

Can I have my picture taken more than once?
Sure! Visit us each day if you like, we enjoy meeting people at the fair. Check in at the MPR booth for help or information.

Can I take my own photo at the booth?
Of course. But bring your camera! Note that if you take your photo, it will not show up on our Web site and we cannot digitally store it for you. Our process is automated.

How much does it cost?
This is absolutely free fair fun.

Where can I see my photo?
Head to mprnews.org and look for the Photo Booth link. As soon as we can, we'll upload your photo to the day's slideshow. You can watch each day's slideshow on the Photo Booth page, or click through to see each image and find your own.

Wait! It is on the MPR News Web site?! Am I famous? What if I don't want my picture on the Web site?
Your photo may appear on MPR Web sites! Pictures can be viewed online by people finding pictures of themselves at the booth, and who want to see how much fun people are having at the Minnesota State Fair.

Are you famous? You are to us! Your name will not appear on the photo, but you can request to add it or download a copy of the image to share or use.

If you don't want your picture to appear on our Web site, you're welcome to bring your own camera and coordinate taking your own picture with the onsite booth volunteers. Our uploading process cannot support only posting some photos to the site or privately emailing images - if we take your photo, it is uploaded to the Web site.

I love my photo. Can I get a copy, print it, send it to my friends, or put it on my own Web site / Facebook page?

First, find your photo: From the Photo Booth homepage, find the date your image was taken. Click through and watch the slideshow. As soon as you see your photo, click on it. It will open to the Flickr page where your image is stored and displayed.

To get a digital copy: Once you've found your photo...Click all sizes. Choose the size you would like to download to your computer. Once you've done this use your own system to print, e-mail, or otherwise share your photo online.

Still have questions or need help with finding, printing or saving the commemorative photo? Contact MPR Interactive Producer Julia Schrenkler for assistance.