Minnesota Public Radio at the State Fair!


Audio Tour
Local artist Peter Haakon Thompson is your guide through the State Fair landscape. Through his auto-ethnographic tour, you'll hit all the great stops, and learn the difference between a pronto pup and a corn dog.

View: Map | List Tour Leg 1 Download audio (64k MP3) Duration: 9:23s
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Tour Leg 1
Stop 1: Salem Lutheran Church breakfast
Stop 2: Eco Progress building
Stop 3: Fine Arts building
Point of Interest: First Pronto Pup of the day
Stop 4: 4H building and gift shop
Stop 5: Education building (and "pencil challenge")
Stop 6: Creative Arts building

Tour Leg 2
Stop 1: Farmer's Union
Stop 2: Modern Living building
Stop 3: Food building
Stop 4: Ye Old Mill
Point of Interest: Tom Thumb donuts
Stop 5: Agriculture/Horticulture building
Stop 6: Pioneers Cabin

Tour Leg 3
Stop 1: Empire Commons
Stop 2: Minnesota Public Radio Booth
Stop 4: Sheep and Poultry building
Stop 5: Heritage Square
Point of Interest: Midway
Stop 6: Minnesota State Fair Grandstand
Much more information is avaiable at Peter Haakon Thompson's Web site.