Campaign 2008: President

A new poll shows that Barack Obama has a commanding lead in Minnesota, and the race for Minnesota's U.S. Senate seat is very tight. (10/14/2008)
While it may not be the biggest national priority at the moment, the rising cost of health care is a major problem for many businesses and citizens. Both candidates have proposals to tackle the issue. (10/14/2008)
Democrat Barack Obama is the only presidential candidate who "gets it" when it comes to the nation's economic problems, his wife Michelle Obama told supporters Monday. (10/13/2008)
Michelle Obama, the wife of Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama, is spending the day in Minnesota. She spoke earlier today in Rochester, and is making an afternoon stop in St. Paul. (10/13/2008)
Michelle Obama will appear at two events around the state today. She is campaigning on behalf of her husband, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama. (10/13/2008)
John McCain and Barack Obama both have big plans for the federal tax code. But the biggest difference between them involves what happens to families who make more than $250,000 dollars a year. Obama would raise their income taxes. McCain wouldn't. (10/13/2008)
The husband of Alaska Governor and vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin will visit the Iron Range and northwestern Minnesota this week. (10/12/2008)
Supporters of Republican presidential candidate John McCain showed some anger during a campaign event in Lakeville Friday, and the candidate urged them to be respectful of his Democratic rival, Barack Obama. (10/10/2008)
John McCain proposed Friday that the elderly be allowed to hang on to the stocks in their retirement funds and not be forced to sell them in a bad market. (10/10/2008)
Last night's debate was a town hall-style forum, and that means some of the questions came from the audience, which was made up of undecided voters. (10/08/2008)



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