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A case study in party contrasts
Education and health care figure prominently in the state legislative race in District 16A. The candidates' differences on those issues show their party colors, as well as some common trends in this year's elections.
South Dakota U.S. Senate race is all about power
Voters in Minnesota are seeing the presidential election close up, this year. Swing states like Minnesota could decide control of the White House. But in South Dakota, the balance of power in the U.S. Senate is at stake. Many political watchers call the South Dakota Senate race the second most important race in the country. For voters the most critical issue is political power. Will South Dakota have more clout re-electing Tom Daschle as the Democratic Leader? Or will John Thune's Republican connections to the White House mean more for the state?
Bush rallies the base in Rochester airport stop
President Bush made a whistle-stop plea for votes in this traditionally conservative pocket of Minnesota on Wednesday, part of a frenetic campaign week that suggests the candidates are shifting from chasing undecideds to turning out the faithful.
Bush in Rochester
Minnesota has had more than its fair share of presidential visits this year. Both President George W. Bush and Sen. John Kerry are in town this week. Bush makes a campaign stop in Rochester Wednesday afternoon, and Minnesota Public Radio has live coverage and analysis.
Another round in lawsuit over judges and their party politics
The 8th Circuit Court of Appeals heard arguments Wednesday over the role party politics can play in judicial campaigns in Minnesota. Golden Valley attorney Greg Wersal and the Republican Party of Minnesota say current rules that restrict Minnesota judicial candidates from taking part in some party activities are unconstitutional.
Bush and Kerry's economic plans: Less difference than meets the eye
President George W. Bush and Sen. John Kerry have different ideas for improving the economy. Polls show the economy is an important issue for voters going into the presidential election.
Slicing the Spin: Jobs and the Economy
Both presidential candidates use the rhetoric of jobs to sell their economic plans. But economists dispute whether presidents really can improve the nation's economy within their terms. Midmorning's weekly series Slicing the Spin dissects the candidates' economic plans.
Edwards kicks off frenzied week of presidential campaigning in Minnesota
Both presidential campaigns are giving lots of attention to Minnesota this week. Democratic vice presidential candidate John Edwards made a stop in Hibbing Tuesday night. This was the Kerry campaign's first big rally on the Iron Range. Edwards is the first of the four top-of-the-ticket candidates who will visit Minnesota before the end of the week. President Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, and Democratic candidate John Kerry all make campaign stops in the state over the next few days.
DFL hopes to regain House seat 4A in northern Minnesota
Northern Minnesota has historically been a Democratic stronghold. But Republicans say that's changing. Several House seats once dominated by the DFL are now held by Republicans. In House District 4A, Republican incumbent Doug Fuller is seeking his fourth term. He faces a tough DFL challenge from Bemidji State University teacher Frank Moe. DFL leaders say their party has been reenergized. And they're determined to unseat Fuller.
2004 election roundup
Minnesotans will have a lot of choices to make on Nov. 2: congressmen and women, state legislators and, of course, the president of the United States.
Rematch in District 52B
One of the Minnesota legislative races that's being closely watched is District 52B in the Stillwater area; it's a rematch of last year's special election between DFLer Rebecca Otto and Republican Matt Dean. Otto won the seat last time, but some Republicans believe her victory was a fluke.
The Choice 2004 - part 2
In the 1980s, John Kerry established himself in the U.S. Senate. The former prosecutor led investigations into Iran-Contra and other scandals. George W. Bush launched business ventures, with mixed success, and worked on the campaigns of others before winning the governorship of Texas in 1994. In hour two of this Frontline special from American RadioWorks, we look at how John Kerry and George W. Bush came of age as politicians and how their very different histories and personalities might shape their approach to the presidency.
House race perceived as referendum on tire plant
Minnesota House district 31B is located in the southeastern edge of the state. It includes the city of Preston where a proposed tire burning facility has caused deep divisions. The controversy over the burner is expected to have an impact on the election.
The Choice 2004 - part 1
Two candidates for President, offering two directions for America. They are men of the same generation, Yale graduates from privileged New England families. But they took starkly different paths as they formed their values and politics. In the first hour of this Frontline report from American RadioWorks, a look at George W. Bush and John Kerry as young men.
Taking a second look at third party candidates
The latest polls show George Bush and John Kerry in a dead-heat race for president. Ralph Nader and "other" remain in the single digits percentage-wise. Why are third parties less visible than in past years?

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