Monday, June 26, 2017

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Add richness to your holidays
Holidays on-air
We've got holiday music specials that will add richness to your holidays. View our detailed schedule for descriptions and times.

Nov 25Giving Thanks with John Birge

Nov 25Poems for Thanksgiving with Garrison Keillor

Nov 25Over the River and Through the Woods with Garrison Keillor and Philip Brunelle

Nov 25Midmorning's Turkey Confidential with Kerry Miller and Lynne Rossetto Kasper

Dec 05Chanukah & The Book of Customs

Dec 05Christmas at St. Olaf

Dec 12Pipedreams: In Anticipation

Dec 13King's College Choir

Dec 14Echoes of Christmas with the Dale Warland Singers

Dec 14Robert Page Holiday Favorites

Dec 15Christmas at Luther

Dec 15A Taste of Chanukah

Dec 16Christmas at Concordia

Dec 16Christmas at El Pardo

Dec 17Handel's Messiah with the Minnesota Orchestra

Dec 19Saint Paul Sunday: Christmas with the Empire Brass

Dec 19Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra with Cantus

Dec 19Boston Pops

Dec 19"Polar Express" Talking Volumes

Dec 19The Opera: Amahl and the Night Visitors

Dec 19A Chanticleer Christmas

Dec 19And a Little Child Shall Lead Them: Advent Special

Dec 19Pipedreams: An American Organist's Christmas

Dec 20Christmas at St. Olaf repeat

Dec 21Away in a Manger with Cantus

Dec 21Welcome Christmas with VocalEssence

Dec 21Saint Paul Sunday: Christmas with the Empire Brass repeat

Dec 22King's College Choir repeat

Dec 22A Chanticleer Christmas

Dec 23The Nutcracker

Dec 23New Releases Holiday

Dec 24A Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols

Dec 24The Nutcracker repeat

Dec 24The Splendid Table Holiday Special

Dec 24Midnight Mass from Saint John's

Dec 25A Prairie Home Companion

Dec 25The Splendid Table Holiday Special repeat

Dec 25A Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols repeat

Dec 26Pipedreams: Holiday International

Jan 01Beethoven's 9th Symphony

Jan 01New Year's Day from Vienna

View our detailed schedule for descriptions and times.

Holidays online

Holiday music picks
Nov 14A musical holiday wishlist
Santa is not the only one with his list checked twice. Classical host Julie Amacher shares holiday picks that might help you deck the halls.

Nov 19Holiday movie reviews
Give your thumbs up or down to the 2004 holiday movie releases, and you could win a year's subscription to NetFlix!

Nov 22Happy Merry Lyric Contest
The third year of our holiday-song lyric swap!

Holidays on stage

King's College Choir
Dec 13King's College Choir from Cambridge, England
The renowned men and boys choir performs its first-ever Christmas concert in Minnesota at the St. Paul Cathedral. (More)

Talking Volumes with Chris Van Allsburg
Dec 14Talking Volumes with Chris Van Allsburg
Host Kerri Miller discusses The Polar Express with the book's author Chris Van Allsburg. (More)

Peter Ostroushko and his Heartland Holiday Ensemble
Dec 16Peter Ostroushko and his Heartland Holiday Ensemble
Ostroushko brings his holiday concert to Rochester. He'll be joined by his Heartland Holiday Ensemble, Dan Chouinard on piano, and vocalist Ruth MacKenzie. (More)

Peter Ostroushko and his Heartland Holiday Ensemble
Dec 19Peter Ostroushko and his Heartland Holiday Ensemble
A festive Sunday afternoon at the Fitzgerald Theater with vocalist Ruth MacKenzie and the Heartland Holiday Ensemble. (More)

Holiday shopping

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