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Wednesday, June 28, 2023

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MPR Fantasy Legislature Team Page: Laborites

Minnesota Public Radio

Maroon League
Manager: Josh Linsk
Bio: Active DFLer since 1990, even though I was just eight years old. Interned two years at the Minnesota Legislature. Have served numerous elected positions with the DFL Party.
Strategy: The goal of the Laborites is to create a strong coalition of DFL legislators. Since the DFL has control of both bodies, I figure that it's best to have as many DFL legislators as possible. I am very happy that I got both Tarryl Clark and John Marty, who were my top two choices, because Tarryl as a former lobbyist knows how to get things done in the legislature and John Marty has a long, successful track record of getting things done in St. Paul. Both of these two individuals have a history of working bipartisanly, but who needs bipartisanship with the new DFL majorities. Between those two legislators alone I am confident that I will be able to get more points and defeat any other combination of six legislators. My other legislators including Scott Dibble and Frank Hornstein are very strong legislators as well with great track records.


Sen. Tarryl Clark
Sen. Scott Dibble
Rep. Gen. Olson
Sen. Pat Pariseau

Rep. Patti Fritz

Sen. John Marty

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