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Wednesday, June 28, 2023

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MPR Fantasy Legislature Team Page: Indefatigible Bill Carriers

Minnesota Public Radio

Indefatigible Bill Carriers
Maroon League
Manager: Doug Gray
Bio: Middle-aged government flack fond of beer, croquet, dog, wife and poker, not in that order. Omphaloskeptic, small-m Mugwump, former Foreign Service officer, Minnesota native.
Strategy: The Carriers look forward to a strong season. Legislative stalwart Jim Abeler bids fair to build on last season's record production (456 bills authored), while Tony Lourey should be in the running for Rookie of the Year. Linda Higgins, Bud Heidgerken, Leon Lillie and Debra Hillstrom, any one of whom could have a breakout year, round out the starting six with years of experience. Carry those bills! "Bill Carriers" is a (pretty obvious) pun on "ball carriers," while "Indefatigable" is in flattering imitation of Cameroon's national soccer team, Les Lions Indomptables (The Indomidable Lions).


Rep. Jim Abeler
Rep. Bud Heidgerken
Sen. Linda Higgins
Rep. Leon Lillie

Rep. Debra Hillstrom

Sen. Tony Lourey

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