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Wednesday, June 28, 2023

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MPR Fantasy Legislature Team Page: Hanging Chads

Minnesota Public Radio

Hanging Chads
Maroon League
Manager: Jennifer Linn and Brenna Murphy.
Bio: Jennifer Linn and Brenna Murphy are seniors at the University of St. Thomas. Linn studies poli-sci and journalism and writes for her college newspaper, the Aquin. Murphy, a poli-sci and philosophy major, enjoys arguing. They met on Randy Kelly's re-election campaign. Since that pan out, both made there way to D.C. last semester to intern in "the Beltway," Linn at Talk Radio News Service, Murphy at Capital Research. Linn and Murphy are your modern day Felix Unger and Oscar Madison: Linn leans left while Murphy slants right.
Name and strategy: We picked up the team, formally known as "Sick Puppies." As for strategy, we still need time to scheme. Mwa ha ha.

Sen. Steve Dille
Rep. Ken Tschumper
Rep. Jeanne Poppe
Sen. Tom Saxhaug

Sen. Ellen Anderson

Rep.Dean Urdahl

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