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Wednesday, June 28, 2023

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Fantasy Legislature: Milvets

Minnesota Public Radio

Gold League
Manager: Nancy Gertner
Bio: Navy veteran. Supporter and defender of the Constitution of the United States.
Strategy and more: The House Web site was recently revamped as a $500K project. A search capability allows searching on categories. Searching on the category 'Military' gives the response that no bills were passed in that category in 2006. This was pointed out to the House staff and 3 House members at the Governor's Summit for Veterans in Sept. 2006. I consider this a poor showing for a state that will welcome home 3,000 National Guard members in 2007. ('People of the Year' according to Star Tribune announcement by Nick Coleman.)
Draft Strategy: Freshman legislators that demonstrated interest in sponsoring legislation to benefit military, veterans, their families and survivors.
Prediction: At the end of the 2007 Legislative session, the category of "Military' will show at least one bill on the House website.

Sen. Sharon Erickson Ropes
Rep. Patti Fritz
Rep. Lynn Wardlow
Rep. Al Doty

Sen. Jim Vickerman

Sen. Julie Rosen

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