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Wednesday, June 28, 2023

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Fantasy Legislature: Bemidji Beavers

Minnesota Public Radio

Bemidji Beavers
Gold League
Manager: Mike Simpkins
Bio: Was on my first legislative campaign steering committee in 1986. Most recently worked on the Steve Kelley statewide campaign(s) and after the AG primary, worked on a number of legislative campaigns in Northern Minnesota.
Strategy: Bemidji Beavers...hometown college..oops, I mean University. I tried to draft legislators who I thought would be effective and that I also liked. Probably not smart to put "likeability" in the equation but so be it. I see the Beavers as a top 5 team but will need some good fortune and strategery to win the whole thing.

Rep. Frank Moe
Sen. Steve Dille
Rep. Leon Lillie
Rep. Steve Simon

Rep. Bob Dettemer

Rep. John Ward

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