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Ask MPR Mailbag

September 18, 2006

Where can I find the "Little Potato" song from The Morning Show?

I was listening to Dale and Jim Ed in early August during a vacation to the northwoods in Minnesota. They spoke of, and played, a children's song titled "You're my little potato". Can they tell me what recording they had of this? They and the song were quite entertaining. Thank you.

St. Louis, MO

Dear Amy, the near-mystical power of Metamora's "Little Potato" is baffling to some, but it remains one of the most-requested songs on The Morning Show.

It was included on the original "Keepers" compilation disc, now long out of print; but it's also on Metamora's self-titled CD. It's still in print and can be found here on Public Radio MusicSource.

Michael Popham
Minnesota Public Radio Member Listener Services