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Ask MPR Mailbag

August 01, 2006

Will there be an MPR Day at the Minnesota State Fair in 2006?

Will there be an MPR Day at the Minnesota State Fair this year? And will The Morning Show be broadcasting live from the fair again this year? Dates, please! Thanks you!

Duluth, MN

Hi Harley, yes! There will be an MPR Day at the fair, and it will be a hootenanny. Circle Friday, September 1 on your calendar. We're planning live broadcasts from our booth through most of the day. A complete list of activities will be up on our MPR at the State Fair page, but at this point I can say that in addition to live broadcasts of "Midmorning" and "Midday", Mary Lucia and Mark Wheat from The Current will also be broadcasting their shifts live. The day will wrap up with a live performance of "A Prairie Home Companion" at the Grandstand. Tickets for that event are available now through Ticketmaster, or you can contact the Grandstand box office on

Since The Morning Show guys like to do their own thing, their live broadcast will be a different date -- Friday, August 25. As always, the fun begins at 6:00 am.

The MPR State Fair booth is located at the corner of Judson and Nelson, an intersection that is burned into my memory, like the corner of Rhythm and Blues. No red-blooded MPR employee's summer is complete until they have stood for hours under the burning sun with the black smoke from the pork chop stand across the street wafting over their faces. But it's worth it, because nowhere do we get to meet so many interesting and enthusiastic MPR listeners. See you at the Fair!

Michael Popham
Minnesota Public Radio Member Listener Services