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Governort: Pam Ellison

Pam Ellison announced her candidacy on May 31, 2006, seeking the Independence Party's endorsement. In 2000, she ran for Congress in the 4th District. She worked for former Gov. Jesse Ventura, first recruiting volunteers for his successful gubernatorial bid, then working for his administration as executive assistant to Lieutenant Governor Mae Schunk, and traveling around the state promoting one of his pet projects: a one-house legislature. In the September 2006 primary, Ellison received about a third of the IP vote in her contest against Peter Hutchinson.

Candidate Bio

Pam Ellison
Political affiliation:
Independence Party
Nov. 2, 1957, Fort Dodge, Iowa.
Married. Two adult children. Resides in St. Paul's Como neigbhorhood.
Educational assistant in the school library at Arlington High School.
Graduated high school in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Attended Bethel College, St. Paul.

Campaign Contribution Report

Total receipts
Cash on hand
Source: Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board 2006

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Gov. Pawlenty has outlined a plan to provide free in-state college tuition to Minnesota's top high school students. Pawlenty says an estimated 16,000 students could benefit in the first year. DFL critics say the Republican governor has had an election-year conversion on higher education issues. (06/27/2006)
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Independence Party gubernatorial candidate Peter Hutchinson reached into the doctor's office to find a campaign trail companion, naming physician and ex-health company executive Dr. Maureen Reed as his running mate Thursday. (06/15/2006)
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Minnesota Attorney General Mike Hatch is the DFL endorsed candidate for governor. Hatch won the endorsement on Saturday in Rochester, beating out state Senators Becky Lourey and Steve Kelley. The endorsement makes Hatch the clear frontrunner to take on Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty but he will have to win the DFL primary first. (06/11/2006)
Klobuchar easily won the backing of the vast majoirity of delegates to the state DFL convention underway this weekend in Rochester, winning on the first ballot with 78 percent of the vote. (06/09/2006)