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4th District: Betty McCollum

When her daughter got hurt on a slide in a city park and the North St. Paul City Council would not fix the problem that led to the accident, Betty McCollum got involved in politics. She was elected to the city council on her second try.

In 1992 she ran for the state House of Representatives. District lines were being redrawn at the time so she ran against two incumbents. She beat them both. In office, she was a strong environmentalist who opposed Northern States Power when the utility sought permission to store spent nuclear waste in dry casks outside the plant. She advocated election reform, including allowing absentee voters to be able to vote without stating a reason they couldn't get to the polls. She had a 92 percent rating from the AFL/CIO and a 100 percent rating from the Sierra Club. She is in favor of abortion rights.

In 2004, McCollum faced Patrice Bataglia, a Dakota County commissioner. McCollum easily was re-elected with a 58%-to-33% victory. See election results for the 4th District.

According to Project Vote Smart, McCollum received these scores from special interest groups in 2005: NARAL (100%), National Association of Wheat Growers (40%), Humane Society (100%), National Taxpayers Union (17%), U.S. Chamber of Commerce (33%), NAACP (100%), National Education Association (100%), Family Research Council (0%), NOW (100%), Gun Owners of America (25%), American Public Health Association (100%). According to the National Journal, McCollum voted more liberal on economic, defense and foreign policy issues than 94 percent of the representatives. She voted more conservative on economic, defense and foreign policy issues than 6 percent of the representatives.

Candidate Bio

Betty McCollum
Political affiliation:
DFL Party
July 12, 1954
Minneapolis, MN.
Divorced. Mother of adult son and daughter, Sean and Katie. Catholic. Resides in St. Paul
Former teacher. Current congresswoman
Bachelor of Arts degree from the College of St. Catherine, majoring in social studies and minoring in political science.
Major political experience:
Current congresswoman from the 4th District, Former state legislator, Former member of North St. Paul City Council.

On the Issues

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Campaign Finances

Total contributions:
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Cash on hand

Source: Federal Election Commission
October 2006

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