Thursday, July 31, 2014

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Coverage from Minnesota Public Radio

Brian Atwood, dean of the Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs, joins Midday to talk about the latest news from the Middle East, including Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama's visit there, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the recent political and internal conflicts in those countries. (Midday, 07/24/2008)
A soldier from South Dakota was killed this week in Iraq. The Department of Defense says Army Staff Sgt. Jeremy Vrooman, 28, died Tuesday from injuries suffered when an explosive device went off while on a combat mission. (07/17/2008)
Iraqi journalist Ahmed Fadaam began his career after the invasion in 2003, when the art school where he was teaching was destroyed. Fadaam talks about covering the war. (Midmorning, 06/23/2008)
Mary Tillman writes about her son Pat Tillman, the former football star and and Army Ranger who was killed in the Iraq war, in her new book, "Boots on the Ground by Dusk: My Tribute to Pat Tillman." She discussed her son and the circumstances around his death recently at the Commonwealth Club of California. (Midday, 06/10/2008)
It's been two years since Award-winning correspondent for CBS News Kimberly Dozier was struck by a car bomb in Baghdad while covering a story. Her new book, "Breathing the Fire: Fighting to Report and Survive in Iraq," details her experience. (Midday, 05/27/2008)
More than 650 Minnesotan soldiers have received cash "thank you" grants from the Minnesotans' Military Appreciation Fund this year. (05/26/2008)
Anti-war protesters say they may go to court to try to get the parade route they want during the Republican National Convention in September. (05/22/2008)
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary James Peake addresses an audience at the National Press Club about the needs of veterans in the 21st century. (Midday, 05/20/2008)
A new bill that would increase educational benefits for veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is before Congress, but the Department of Defense and the Bush administration are concerned the bill is too costly and will be hard to administer. (Midmorning, 05/09/2008)
The Minnesota National Guard says more than 40 soldiers from a unit based in Hastings have been ordered to active duty and will go to Iraq. (04/30/2008)
Sen. Norm Coleman said that he will sign on to legislation that would restrict future reconstruction dollars for Iraq to loans instead of grants. (04/15/2008)
An Army specialist from St. Paul died of injuries suffered in Iraq, the Defense Department reported Friday. He was the 72nd person with strong Minnesota ties to die in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. (04/11/2008)
Midday broadcasts President Bush's address to the nation on the war in Iraq. International security expert Colin Kahl of Georgetown University offers analysis of the President's remarks. (Midday, 04/10/2008)
A conversation with Minnesota's 2nd District congressman John Kline. He joined us to talk about the testimony Gen. David Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan Crocker delivered to lawmakers this week regarding the Iraq War. (04/10/2008)
NPR special coverage of Gen. David Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan Crocker testifying before the Senate Armed Services committee about the status of the war in Iraq. Presidential candidates John McCain and Hillary Clinton serve on the Armed Services committee. (Midmorning, 04/07/2008)