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As part of Minnesota Public Radio's celebration of 250 years of Mozart we asked, "How has Mozart's music touched your life?" and you shared. Read about people's favorite pieces and how Mozart's music has affected their lives!

What is your favorite Mozart piece?
Marriage of Figaro

Its sparkling melodies and sympathetic characters are a delight.

How has Mozart's music affected you?
Listening to his opera has brightened my days; singing his "Requiem" has brought me to tears.

Mary Theresa Downing
Excelsior MN

What is your favorite Mozart piece?
Klavierkonzert Nr. 20, interpreted by Ingrid Haebler

Because of the darkness of the first movement's opening and the great lyricism of the middle movement

How has Mozart's music affected you?
I have always considered his music perfect, easy, like the flow of water that seeks the most natural way to move. I certainly don't have all of Mozart's work, but I have a lot of it. Whenever I play his recorded music to my children, it is not the commercial recordings for babies, but rather, all the works that we have. Many of his works I associate with people I remember. And I would still like to obtain certain interpretations that have not been reissued on CD to complete my associations with the people I have loved.

Axel López-Martínez
Austin TX

What is your favorite Mozart piece?
Most recently, Mozart's Variations for Piano

My daughter Kate has learned most of them from her piano teacher, Narissa Strong Bach in the last few years.

How has Mozart's music affected you?
I played Mozart's flute and violin quintets and quartets to my daughter before she was born, and they were the most comforting for me during her birth. And ever since I can remember, I have had a dream to travel to the Mozart Festival in Salzburg.

Joy Bussert
Minneapolis MN

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