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Wednesday, June 28, 2023

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Ask MPR Mailbag

Here at Minnesota Public Radio we get a lot of questions, some challenges, occasional attaboys, and more than a few brickbats. This is a good thing--it tells us that people care about our service.

We look forward to hearing from you -- ask us a question, lob a complaint, or share your point of view. Don't hesitate to Contact Us. We'll respond personally to your message, and, if it raises a thought we think others may be interested in, we may ask for permission to include it on the Mailbag page.

December 27, 2006: Why do we only get to hear part of "As It Happens"?
December 11, 2006: Can you help me find "Shelper's Bridal Nocturne" on the Web?
December 6, 2006: Is DMNE DNME?
December 4, 2006: Who is Valerie Arganbright?
December 1, 2006: Can I hear that Sen. Norm Coleman interview again?

November 15, 2006: Is MPR keeping tabs on Norm Coleman's next career move?
November 10, 2006: Can you tell me the name of the Monty Python movie song and who performs it?
November 8, 2006: Will "Radio Lab" be a regular show?
November 6, 2006: Which law firm is underwriting MPR election coverage?
November 2, 2006: Can you outline your policy on debates?

October 30, 2006: Would you broadcast the program 'World Cafe' in the future?
October 25, 2006: Please help identify a jazz CD!
October 20, 2006: Can't you display like photos of politicians?
October 18, 2006: Seeking info on the "Hackensack" song
October 13, 2006: Why the increase in choral music and opera programming?
October 11, 2006: What happened to Lauren Rico?
October 9, 2006: You had James Fallows on Midmorning - where can I find the article mentioned?
October 6, 2006: What was the name of that band on that show about crime?
October 5, 2006: How do you account for political bias?
October 4, 2006: Can The Current play "mash-ups"?
October 2, 2006: Do you have a map of Minnesota aquifers?

September 29, 2006: What is your station's mission?
September 28, 2006: Is MPR being censored or self-censored?
September 27, 2006: Can you help me find the meaning of "vitroflous"?
September 26, 2006: Who plays those interpretations of Bach?
September 20, 2006: Where can I watch "The French Connection" car chase scene on MPR.org?
September 19, 2006: Why aren't Green Party candidates in debates?
September 18, 2006: Where can I find the "Little Potato" song from The Morning Show?
September 15, 2006: Can you display classical music information on my radio's information screen?
September 14, 2006: How can MPR present that patriotism increased after the 9/11 attacks?
September 13, 2006: Why are you linking to an incorrect Web site?
September 12, 2006: I just moved to Minnesota, can I vote?
September 8, 2006: Who was that on Midday?
September 6, 2006: Can I get a tape of a speech I heard on Midday?
September 5, 2006: Did the law change about buying wine online?
September 1, 2006: Can I hear past broadcasts of All Things Considered?

August 29, 2006: How can I find a very specific classical recording ("Clarinet Quartet", performed by L'archibudelli, the soloist Charles Neidich)?
August 28, 2006: Why did MPR cancel the gubernatorial candidate debate at the Minnesota State Fair?
August 25, 2006: Can you specify times for performer appearances at the Minnesota State Fair?
August 24, 2006: Could you please provide a digital clock for your classical morning show hosts?
August 23, 2006: When will we hear from Becky Lourey on MPR?
August 22, 2006: Can MPR provide music playlists to my phone?
August 21, 2006: Where can I learn more about those little music bits between news stories?
August 18, 2006: Didn't you have a story about the lost lunar landing data?
August 10, 2006: What does your logo mean?
August 9, 2006: What is the difference between a sponsor message and a commercial?
August 8, 2006: Can the playlists display upcoming music?
August 7, 2006: What happened to the playlists on the Web over the weekend?
August 4, 2006: Does The Morning Show influence the Winnipeg Folk Festival?
August 3, 2006: How do you choose music on The Current?
August 1, 2006: Will there be an MPR Day at the Minnesota State Fair in 2006?

July 31, 2006: How do unknown local artists get on The Current?
July 28, 2006: What happened to Quirks and Quarks?
July 27, 2006: What is the name of the song about sea molecules falling in love?

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