Ground Level: Baldwin Township

Todd County faces its future

May 2010

One in six Todd County residents is over 65.

Will existing networks of family, volunteers and government programs remain strong enough as that proportion grows?

How will residents adjust to immigration, farming and technology trends to prepare for that future?

Ground Level looks at how one rural, aging place is facing the future.

Facing the Future

Minnesota Public Radio News' Ground Level team delivered four stories to local newspapers in Todd County over a month. This reporting helped inform residents before they gathered together for a community discussion.

A Wave of Aging En Español

A web of volunteers, government, and family supports a food service that keeps the elderly at home. Will it be enough as demand grows?

En Español Can Co-ops, Garlic and Potatoes Rescue Farming?

Economic trends are forcing farmers to think in new ways about agriculture.

En Español Immigration Shifts the Economic Equation

A wave of Latino immigration in the center of Todd County fills jobs and classrooms.

En Español New Ideas in the Wind: Music to Health Care

Better technology could help tackle some problems.
Maps and Facts

Ahead of the aging curve
The numbers tell the story of major demographic changes underway in Todd County.

About Ground Level Ground Level is a Minnesota Public Radio News project shedding light where residents are seeking ways to improve the communities they live in.
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Facing the Future

MPR News held a public forum on May 6 at Long Prairie-Grey Eagle High School that explored Todd County's future with video, audio and live-panel discussions.

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Minnesota Data Sources

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    Wilder Research has pulled together hundreds of ways to measure quality of life in Minnesota communities.
  • Atlas of Minnesota
    The Center for Rural Policy and Development has mapped many social and economic characteristics of the state.

Making Communities Better

A network of non-profit organizations and foundations is working in many ways to help Minnesota residents improve the communities they live in. Here are some of them.