Tuesday, November 28, 2023

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Though the U.S. Senate race seemed to hold the most promise for a close race, it was the governor's race in Minnesota that grabbed the election-night headlines. Incumbent Tim Pawlenty held onto his office by just 22,000 votes over DFLer Mike Hatch. But Pawlenty saw his GOP colleagues swept out of office. In the Senate race, DFLer Amy Klobuchar easily beat Rep. Mark Kennedy.

The retirement of Sen. Mark Dayton sparked early interest in the campaign, with Rep. Mark Kennedy jumping in early. But a year later, Kennedy emerged as the lone Republican for the job, and Hennepin County Attorney Amy Klobuchar's strength was forcing several Democrats, including Patty Wetterling, out of the race.

The Senate race immediately attracted national attention, but as Klobuchar surged ahead of Kennedy in the polls, much national attention turned to the 6th District, where Patty Wetterling and state Sen. Michele Bachmann were the major contenders. Bachmann beat Wettlerling. It was Wetterling's second straight loss in the district. In the 5th, Rep. Keith Ellison became the first Muslim congressman. And in the 1st, incumbent Gil Gutknecht was defeated by DFLer Tim Walz.
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A protege of outgoing Attorney General Mike Hatch defeated a tough-on-crime state legislator in Minnesota's race for the state's top lawyer Tuesday, and Democrats swept Republicans out of the secretary of state and auditor's offices. (11/08/2006)
Democrat Keith Ellison was elected as the nation's first Muslim member of Congress on Tuesday, easily winning a Minneapolis-area district Republicans had not carried since 1962. He is also Minnesota's first nonwhite representative in Washington. (11/07/2006)
Resurgent Democrats toppled Republican senators in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Rhode Island and gained ground in the House Tuesday, challenging for control of Congress in midterm elections shaped by an unpopular war in Iraq and scandal at home. (11/07/2006)
Despite reports of a few problems at some polling places today, it appeared Election Day is running smoothly, with estimates indicating high turnout for a mid-term election. (11/07/2006)
Federal law requires every precinct in the country to make accommodations for voters with disabilities. Minnesota's answer to that requirement is the Automark, a talking, touch-screen ballot-marking device. (11/07/2006)
As voters across the region head to the polls on Election Day, they'll see ballots filled with the names of people eager to serve in public office. But in some of Minnesota's rural communities it's getting harder to find folks who want to run for office. (11/07/2006)
Election Day is upon us... but there are still those who are holding out to the last possible moment before making a choice. Witness these voters in the last moments before a tight Minnesota gubernatorial election. (11/06/2006)
With the final debate behind them, the candidates for governor hit the road Monday with a series of campaign stops to energize their voters and search out those who are still undecided. (11/06/2006)
Most Minnesota voters will cast their ballots at a polling place on election day. But more than 43,000 registered voters live in precincts that vote by mail. Some like the convenience. Others miss the communal voting experience. (11/06/2006)
Minnesota Public Radio's Nov. 5 gubernatorial debate between DFLer Mike Hatch, Independence Party candidate Peter Hutchinson and Republican incumbent Tim Pawlenty. ( 11/06/2006)
Election judges are preparing to help voters cast their ballots and deal with any potential promlems at the polls. (11/06/2006)
From call girls to congressional scandals, candidates have been ramping up the attacks in their campaign ads. Midmorning looks at the techniques used in campaign ads and what kind of impact they really have on viewers. (Midmorning, 11/06/2006)
Would rolling back income tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans cause small businesses to cut jobs? (11/06/2006)
Tax topics took top billing Sunday night as the debate season closed in Minnesota's tight race for governor. (11/05/2006)
Amy Klobuchar continues to hold a major leads in all of the independent polls, but Mark Kennedy believes he's closing the gap in the final days of the election. (11/05/2006)

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