Tuesday, November 28, 2023

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Though the U.S. Senate race seemed to hold the most promise for a close race, it was the governor's race in Minnesota that grabbed the election-night headlines. Incumbent Tim Pawlenty held onto his office by just 22,000 votes over DFLer Mike Hatch. But Pawlenty saw his GOP colleagues swept out of office. In the Senate race, DFLer Amy Klobuchar easily beat Rep. Mark Kennedy.

The retirement of Sen. Mark Dayton sparked early interest in the campaign, with Rep. Mark Kennedy jumping in early. But a year later, Kennedy emerged as the lone Republican for the job, and Hennepin County Attorney Amy Klobuchar's strength was forcing several Democrats, including Patty Wetterling, out of the race.

The Senate race immediately attracted national attention, but as Klobuchar surged ahead of Kennedy in the polls, much national attention turned to the 6th District, where Patty Wetterling and state Sen. Michele Bachmann were the major contenders. Bachmann beat Wettlerling. It was Wetterling's second straight loss in the district. In the 5th, Rep. Keith Ellison became the first Muslim congressman. And in the 1st, incumbent Gil Gutknecht was defeated by DFLer Tim Walz.
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The latest ads in the Senate race are about crime in Hennepin County. Mark Kennedy, a Republican, is accusing DFLer Klobuchar of being soft on crime and breaking 1998 campaign promises. (09/29/2006)
Community leaders in Greater Minnesota worry the MVST amendment could bring about a funding shift could hurt more than it helps. (09/29/2006)
Polls indicate the fate of Wisconsin's proposed ban on same-sex marriage rests upon voters' interpretation of the bill. MPR's Cathy Wurzer discussed the issue with JR Ross, editor of the political news service WisPolitics. (09/28/2006)
Minnesota voters will be asked whether the state Constitution should be amended to require that all of the sales taxes collected on motor vehicles be spent on roads, bridges and transit. (09/28/2006)
A new Minnesota Public Radio/St. Paul Pioneer Press poll shows a majority of Minnesotans are still opposed to legalizing gay marriage, but the opposition appears to be softening. (09/28/2006)
Moderators pressed the group to offer specific proposals for future road funding, education reform and the environment. But Mike Hatch and Tim Pawlenty mostly demurred. (09/27/2006)
The latest MPR/St. Paul Pioneer Press poll shows a continued erosion of support for President Bush in Minnesota. The pollster says the war in Iraq is to blame for the continued downslide. (09/27/2006)
The careers of former St. Paul police chief Bill Finney and Ramsey County Sheriff Bob Fletcher share many similarities. Now the two are rivals in the non-partisan race to be Ramsey County sheriff. (09/26/2006)
A new Minnesota Public Radio/Pioneer Press poll shows DFLer Lori Swanson leading in the race for attorney general, but more than a third of the surveyed voters are undecided. (09/26/2006)
The candidates have been making a lot of promises about new spending, from free college tuition to more cops on the street. (09/26/2006)
A new Minnesota Public Radio/Pioneer Press poll out Monday shows Democrat Amy Klobuchar with a 15 point lead over Republican Mark Kennedy in the race to replace U.S. Sen. Mark Kennedy. How do candidates and campaigns respond to the polls? (Midday, 09/25/2006)
Cathy Wurzer spoke with Minnesota Public Radio News Capitol Bureau Chief Laura McCallum. (09/25/2006)
DFLer Amy Klobuchar continues to maintain a double-digit lead over Republican Mark kennedy in the U.S. Senate race. (09/25/2006)
Former VP candidate first stopped in Stillwater at a rally for 6th District Congressional candidate Patty Wetterling, then headlined a DFL rally in Duluth. (09/23/2006)
Cathy Wurzer spoke with reporter John Vomhoff, Jr. with the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal, who monitored corporate campaign contributions in the state's gubernatorial race from January through August this year. (09/22/2006)

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