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Quality of Life

A suburb with an old soul

Residents here feel a special allegiance to their suburb, just 20 minutes north of St. Paul. White Bear Lake is home to 25,000 people, but it may as well be 2,500.

Graphic: Race

Graphic: Population

See how White Bear Lake compares with other Minnesota cities.

Health Care

Nursing homes on the brink of budget disaster

White Bear Lake's only nursing home is already under the gun financially. Budget cuts from the state would make the situation worse.

Audio slideshow:

Cerenity Senior Care is White Bear Lake's only nursing home. Take a tour of the facility with Administrator Greg Baumberger.

Graphic: Health Care

As they struggle with funding, nursing homes are unable to compete with larger hospitals in offering higher wages to employees.

Higher Education

Century College braces for bad news

Century College in White Bear Lake offers a mix of two-year technical degrees like nursing and engineering. It faces two choices: Raise tuition dramatically or cut services to students.

Graphic: Century College funding

More than half of Century College's funding comes from the tuition paid by its students.

K-12 Education

K-12 schools are a bright spot in White Bear Lake

School leaders across Minnesota are worried about how state government's deficit will affect their own local budgets. But White Bear Lake's school district is faring better than most.

Graphic: White Bear Lake schools

The number of students in the free and reduced lunch program has steadily increased in the school district.


Potholes get bigger as budget gets tighter

Cities with aging infrastructure are particularly nervous about potential budget cuts. White Bear Lake has 26 miles of streets awaiting reconstruction, and some repairs will have to wait.
White Bear Lake streets

White Bear Lake street conditions

Interactive map showing White Bear Lake's street conditions and proposed road projects.

Graphic: MnDOT Spending

MnDOT spending is set to increase dramatically over the next two construction seasons.

Public Safety

Cities try to protect police, fire budgets

White Bear Lake's police and fire departments already have bare-bones budgets. But they may not escape more budget cuts.

Graphic: Public Safety

Compare the number of crimes in White Bear Lake to other Minnesota cities.

Arts and Culture

'Best of times, worst of times' for arts funding

The Lakeshore Players Theatre and other arts groups are pleased voters approved a new sales tax that will bring in millions of dollars for the arts. But they worry the new money source will prompt legislators to cut other arts funding.


Water quality matters in White Bear Lake

People in White Bear love their lake. They worry about what might happen to efforts to keep the lake clean, and how their favorite pastimes might be affected.

Slideshow: The allure of the lake

White Bear Lake has been a vacation destination for decades. Here's a look back at its long and colorful history.