Norm Coleman

Norm Coleman
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After an eight-month battle, DFLer Al Franken has been declared the winner of Minnesota's remaining U.S. Senate seat. Franken already has his committee assignments and expects to begin work as soon as Congress returns from its Fourth of July break next week. (07/01/2009)
Norm Coleman listens to testimony
Republican Norm Coleman's attorneys say they'll file an appeal with the state Supreme Court early next week. This comes in response to the ruling on Monday by the three-judge panel that heard Coleman's senate election contest. But what are Coleman's prospects? (04/15/2009)
Norm Coleman, Tony Trimble
Democrats today tried to turn up the pressure on Republican Norm Coleman to drop his legal battle for the Senate seat. Yesterday evening, the judicial panel ruled against Coleman in his election challenge lawsuit. But Coleman is showing no signs of throwing in the towel. (04/14/2009)
Republican Norm Coleman is defending the planned appeal of his Senate election lawsuit to the Minnesota Supreme Court, even if it means the state is short a U.S. senator for several more weeks. (04/09/2009)
Norm Coleman has had a lot to say on conservative TV and radio shows about his plans to take his election battle to the Minnesota Supreme Court. (04/06/2009)
Though it looks like Norm Coleman will not prevail before the three-judge panel hearing the Senate election case, the battle is far from over. (04/01/2009)
Many Republicans are urging Norm Coleman to appeal if the three-judge panel rules against him in his Senate recount trial against Al Franken. The appeal could hinge on equal protection language in the U.S. Constitution. (03/24/2009)
Democrat Al Franken is expanding the number of absentee ballots that he thinks should be counted in Minnesota's U.S. Senate race. (03/17/2009)
As Norm Coleman's election lawsuit enters its seventh week, court expenses and trial-related costs for counties around Minnesota are increasing. (03/08/2009)
As the Senate election trial continues Democrat Al Franken and Republican Norm Coleman are aggressively trying to add to the more than $11 million dollars they've raised since Election Day. (03/05/2009)

Candidate snapshot

Party: Republican


Date of Birth: 08/17/1949

Place of Birth: Brooklyn, N.Y.

Education: JD, Univeristy of Iowa College of Law, 1976;
BA, Political Science, Hofstra University, 1971

Positions Held: U.S. Senator, 2002-present;
Mayor, St. Paul, Minn, 1993-2001

Business/Professional Experience: Minnesota Attorney General's Office, 1976-1993

Religion: Jewish


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